Windows Recovery Disk : Rescue Old PCs with Ultimate Boot CD

Windows recovery disk ultimate boot cd

So this happened today. I have an old grandma time pc with me and I wished to convert it into a Network Attached Storage (or NAS). What to do, the boi isn’t good for anything else. So I hit that power button and saw the manufacturer screen pop up. And then I waited. And waited. … Read more

Meltdown and Spectre : Impact on Apple Devices and Safeguard Methods

meltdown spectre apple devices

Meltdown and spectre are the new freaks in T-town. Technology town. Sorry, I feel hippie today. There are chances you might have heard of them. Its a very general flaw that is affecting almost everybody. And I will create a general informative post about that. But since I am feeling appley and hippie today. Let’s … Read more

Last time apple fell, they offered gravity. Now they offer a 29 $ battery

apple apology

Here’s the thing. Everyone and everything dies. Including batteries. Damn I didn’t mean to sound so morbid in the beginning of the post. But that’s truth isn’t it. So very recently we received an apple apology wherein they admitted to slowing down phones via updates. Read the whole article here. The reason that they gave … Read more

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