Ryzen 2 : Zen+ coming this April | Will have to wait for next year for Zen 2

In my how to build your own PC post we mentioned how dramatic AMD Ryzen entry into the CPU market was. And by all measures it sure gave Intel a run for its money. Ryzen 2 CPUs are just around the corner. Here’s what to expect.

Ryzen 2 or Zen+ : What to expect,

One of the consequences of AMD Ryzen entry into the CPU market apart from giving a wake up call to Intel was there were roadmaps everywhere. There was a twinkling shine in every PC gaming enthusiasts mind.

Not long after the launch, AMD released news on the upcoming Ryzen CPUs. Not only that they also promised the same AM4 sockets will be used till 2020.

As I said, shake ’em and give ’em a plan to keep ’em shaking seemed to be AMD’s tagline.

A welcome one at that looking at the options PC gamers and users will have over the course.

This April, we should see the second generation Ryzen, the 2000-series or Zen+, code named Pinnacle Ridge.

The salient feature is going to be the shrink in dye from 14 nm to 12 nm that basically means faster clock speeds.

Other rumors and features to keep an eye out for in Ryzen 2,

Rumor has it that we can expect hike of 200 MHz across the board.

AMD also reckons on a 10 percent performance bump from the shrink alone.

Internal changes now incorporate Precision Boost 2 and Extended Frequency Range.

The highlight this time is gonna be that boost will now kick in on all cores. Previously, if a game hit multiple cores, however lightly, it jinxed the boost.

This won’t happen this time.

Although the chips will use the same AM4 socket but will receive a new X470 chipset that enhances performance and is better optimized for them. A bios update wil be required for the old 300 series board though.

Down the line,

In the coming times we are also going to see zen+ or Ryzen 2 versions of the flagship Threadripper, Ryzen Pro plus more desktop APUs.

On the graphics card side AMD wants to dip its hands onto machine learning and AI with its first 7 nm Radeon Vega GPU.

If you look into what happening with all this is AMD seems to fill all the holes in the lineup with a competitive edge. In addition to keeping the existing designs wreaking havoc.

The big leap as AMD points projects will be next year with the Zen core moving to the second iteration.

As per AMD, the design process is complete.

It is going to use GlobalFoundries’ 7nm process and will build around the zen core, using the ideas and features that were dropped from the original design due to time and budget restraints.

With all this in perceptive, with things happening in this fashion, die size going down 58 percent and array of products around the horizon, all one can say is AMD looks ambitious and time for a lot of happy gamers is coming.

That is only if the GPU prices cool down too. Lol 😉

I will see you in the next one.

Namaskaram _/\_ 🙂





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