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I know what you are thinking.

What does Yantraas even mean?

If you are reading this from India, I think there is a good chance you already know what it means.

To all my friends, from across the world, Yantra in ancient Sanskrit means a tool or a gadget or a physical mechanical arrangement developed to carry out a very specific task.

So, now I ask you what do you really think a computer is?, or a smart home gadget is?, or a smartphone is?, the internet is or a practical electronics oriented DIY gadget like a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or PICO is?

It’s a Yantra isn’t it?

And that’s what this tech portal is all about.

What I have always observed in my time in visiting and spending time on tech blogs or tech websites is they are always just way too complicated.

Yes, they don’t seem complicated to me because I am an engineer and I have been studying and working on gadgets all my life but I always had this nagging thought what will a beginner in tech will make out of all this.

I will go ahead and say this, sometimes when a piece of information is presented in a way that isn’t digestible, it can do more harm than good to the one trying to consume it.

It’s like eating a half cooked Pizza. Nobody wants that.

So that problem or nagging feeling if you will, enabled me to start Yantraas. You can and you will feel if you have browsed Yantraas even for a single article that this tech blog is like a tech portal for luddites.

If you are a beginner in tech, I almost feel like an overwhelming responsibility or urgency to relay the info that I have in a newbie friendly way.

Don’t get me wrong the tech tips and topics you see here, which can be broadly classified into computers, smart home/gadgets, Internet tips, IOT, DIY projects etc. can vary in range from beginner to advanced.

But one thing that I take elaborate care is even if you are reading an article directed towards veteran geeks you as a beginner won’t miss chunks in your knowledge base which makes your comprehension fragile.

There will always be links to relevant articles which may or may not belong to Yantraas itself, but does ensure that you are directed to a resource that will quench your thirst for right, relevant knowledge.

Something which is sadly missing in the information overloaded world we are living in.

So that’s another beauty, at least I think it is, about Yantraas that it is a relevant content sharing platform.

Because here is what I feel and tell me if you feel the same way,

As widespread as knowledge is in the world we live in, as detailed as everything can go in this digital age I still feel knowledge is limited.

You can never have complete knowledge about anything. The more deeper you go the more avenues the topic under discussion seems to open up.

It’s fascinating and scary at the same time if I am being honest with you.

So I make it my responsibility to ensure filling as many gaps as I can with every topic that I discuss. I mean you will rarely find a short article here.

And that again is testament to the fact that I don’t like sharing half cooked, lacking, incomplete information that keep my readers feel incomplete after they have read or watched something here.

So the domains that I like talking about on this tech blog are that of computers, pc hardware, tech tips, tech guides, tech FAQs (that I receive from my rabid readers :P), USEFUL & RELEVANT internet tips, productivity hacks, smart homes and smart gadgets, IOT, DIY tech projects and topics revolving around successful compute systems like Raspberry Pi, Arduino etc.

Well, these are the broad domains that I cover here on Yantraas.

But let me tell you a little secret.

I like to keep my options open.

Nice secret, right?

I know, I know.

As interesting as these domains or topics are to me, I also acknowledge the fundamental fact that tech is huge, huge, huge and ever expanding.

So I hope you forgive me if you find a tech topic that doesn’t fall into any of the categories that I mentioned above, but what is going to be true is that you will find the topic is really relevant, important and engaging.

Okay, I think I have said enough about what Yantraas is, although truth be told I can go on and on about it. But I think I have given you a fair and comprehensive picture about what you can hope to find here.

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