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do smart thermostats work without Wi-Fi

Do Smart Thermostats Work Without Wi-Fi? | 5 Troubleshooting Steps!

Human beings have these incredible need to control. I think it is this deep sense of wanting to be in control is spear heading the technological advancement we have been seeing...
how to convert monitor into smart tv

How To Convert Monitor Into Smart TV Using Fire TV Stick!

Before I teach you how to convert monitor into smart TV let me put into perspective the tech ecosystem, we are existing in. Just a few short years back, you needed that...
how to setup a wi-fi router without computer

How To Setup A Wi-Fi Router Without Computer?

So how to setup a Wi-Fi router without computer? There is actually a story behind why I am writing a post. I frequently receive a lot of queries from my readers on...
does sonos work with homepod

Does Sonos Work With HomePod? | Guide & FAQs

Sonos is known to produce audio units that provide quality sound, premium design and are easy to work with. Most of the speakers and audio units are packed with features and come...
is ssd important for video editing

Is SSD Important For Video Editing?|Analysis With Benchmarks

I won't be exaggerating if I say that SSDs are probably the most impactful hardware introduction in the PC world. The reasoning is pretty simple. Have you heard the popular phrase; a chain...
how to use ssd for video editing

How To Use SSD For Video Editing? | Best Storage Setup For Editors

Not long ago, Solid state drives were considered to be the prized possessions that found their way into the hands of a select few. Well, it wasn't a surprise of course because...
how to turn your USB drive into a computer lock

How To Use A USB Drive To Lock Your Computer?

This post is going to be a fun one and I can't wait to share this incredible DIY with you. In this post, I will teach you how to turn your USB...
uses of old routers

Top 12 Seriously Creative Uses For Old Routers | Don’t Throw It Off

Just today I got a new router for my home and was in the middle of installing it when I caught a glimpse of my old router staring at my face. I...
free up ram on windows computer

10 Effective Ways To Free Up RAM On Your Windows Computer

A clean, fast and responsive computers are the need of the hour. Why you ask?. Because it seems we are all basically cyborgs now. :P One very essential aspect of us resides outside of...
what to do with old hard drives

Top 8 Creative Answers To What To Do With Old Hard Drives

If you are asking what to do with old hard drives of yours? You, my friend, are going to have 7 creative uses you can deploy your old hard drives for. Interestingly enough...

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Introduction to Embedded Systems | Explained as if to a 6...

Want to know what are embedded systems ?. Are you sure ? ?. Well, thankfully you have come to the right place because embedded systems and related electronics...

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