TechTonics # 8 : Pixel 4 Face Unlock Bugs, Motorola Razr, Ryzen 3950X, Tork Motors,

Pixel 4 Buggy Face Unlock

One of the most interesting aspects of innovations as far is pixel 4 is concerned is its new face unlock system.

We also discussed this in a previous post on pixel 4 leaks as to how the face ID like mechanism is going to be a big introduction from google.

But it turns out the face unlock mechanism for pixel 4 is also kind of buggy.

The face unlock system is buggy in the sense that you can even unlock your pixel phone with your eyes closed.

This opens the phone for a lot of privacy and security concerns, like unlocking your phone when you are sleeping or unconscious.

BBC tech reporter Chris Fox pointed out the flaw in on his twitter account.

 It is worth pointing out here that face unlock security mechanism is the only security mechanism that this phone has.

Google has done away with the fingerprint sensor that was an inherent part of pixel 3 devices.

Google is saying that it has been working on a software patch that will take care of the issue in the coming months.

No fixed timeline as of yet because it seems the issue is a bit complex than what one might have expected.

The pixel 4 face unlock mechanism is very similar to Google Apple ID.

There infrared cameras and projectors are used to map the depth of your face to unlock the device .

It is much more secure with respect to other RGB camera unlock mechanism in the sense that it cannot be hacked with the help of a photo or a flat video of yours.

This is causing a lot of skepticism in people who were looking forward to buy a pixel 4 this holiday season.

All we can say right now is every new tech that comes out is bound to have some flaws and bugs, google found their’s pretty soon.

Facebook’s “Free Speech” Speech

Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook give a speech in the Georgetown University highlighting the the various dimensions of free speech historically and how it has been a cog in evolving humanity.

In his 40 minute speech he discussed how free speech plays a key role in expression.

And how suppression of free speech also led to various domains of people being suppressed.

He also highlighted how complicated things are getting as far as filtering content of the platform is considered.

He expressed what misinformation is, what hate speech is and how various amalgamations of all of these so-called negative factors are not as clear as people think it is.

And Facebook had to invest so much resources into perceiving what to propagate and what to kind of dilute from the platform.

In essence highlighting all of these factors he made it pretty clear that he will be on the side of free speech and will look into ways to moderate the content that is there on the platform and at the same time trying to make free speech available and active to all domains of people using Facebook.

See this is a very subjective and a very sensitive subject. And I am unable to convey the comprehensive understanding of things in this small segment of techtonics.

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Motorola Razr Foldable Phone Is Coming

Motorola and its Parent company Lenovo has just released an invite to a product unveiling that is going to happen on November 13 in Los Angeles.

The phrases that are associated with this release are “an original unlike any other”, “you are going to flip” and “highly anticipated unveiling of a reinvented icon”.

All of these phrases along with a gif that shows the old Razr phone body getting melted away and revealing a refreshing new Razr phone.

Check it out.

It has a hinge of course. And we have seen hinges being a part of folding devices in the Microsoft surface event.

The reason why by gadget enthusiasts are looking forward to this release is because Razr V3 was the first phone to achieve that viral pop culture icon status owing to its fashion appeal and marketing among other things.

So people are expecting a similar kind of reception given the fact that Motorola from the looks and rumors of it is trying to introduce some tasty innovation in the device.

There have been rumors, leaked and confirmed information about the a Razr reboot previously though.

Yet, it doesn’t seem to dilute people’s excitement for the device.

We have seen some really interesting approach to fold-able devices from Samsung Galaxy Fold to the upcoming surface neo.

Let’s see how November 13 turns out to be.

Ryzen 3950x Benchmark Leak in Firestrike and Geekbench

AMD continues to keep offering consciously or unconsciously.

Not just the release date of AMD upcoming HEDT Threadripper processors are leaked but, we now also have leaked performance listings.

Earlier it was rumored that the new Ryzen Threadripper HEDT chips will be announced on November 5.

And it seems we have a little more information then what we would have expected.

We have 3 different benchmark listings for the upcoming 16 core Ryzen 9 3950X.

From the looks of it it seems, this new iteration will out perform its predecessor 2950X by 21% 24% and 26% across this tests.

Ryzen 3950X was paired with RTX 2080Ti and 16 GB of 3200 Mhz memory for its firestrike run where in it achieved a score of 29,663.

This is significantly larger than its predecessor Ryzen 2950X, which with the same config presented a score of 24,544.

It is worth mentioning here that this is going to present some serious competition for Intel’s venerable i9-9980XE.

Historically, Intel’s high core count processors have outperformed AMD processors in gaming benchmarks like firestrike.

But it seems AMD has taken some serious lead in its own performance given the fact that it is now behind intel by a small margin of 3%.

Electric two wheeler startup torque Motors to receive investment from Ratan Tata

Mr. Ratan Tata who is the former chairman of Tata sons has decided to invest in Tork Motors.

For those of you who don’t know this Tork Motors is a electric two wheeler startup based out of Pune.

In the coming month Tork Motors is set to unveil its flagship electric bike called thought T6X.

This complete indigenous made vehicle with the exception of battery pack, is supposed to have a top speed of 100 KM/h in the range of hundred kilometers per charge.

An interesting aspect about this vehicle is that the Lithium-ion batteries which are the source of inherent power in these bikes can be charged up to 80% in just one hour.

At the time of release, proprietary charging solutions will also be setup all across Pune.

It’s going to be a big step as far as Electrical vehicles are considered in India.

All vehicle dimensions ranging from chassis, motor to PCB’s are designed in India with the exception of battery pack which is imported.

Tork Motors is expecting to have about 5000 T6X’s on the street by the end of this year.

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