TechTonics # 5 : HP Elite DragonFly Notebooks, Microsoft Turns To AMD, FCVs,Galaxy M30s

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HP Elite Dragon Fly Laptops

So how long does your laptop battery last /.

15 minutes,  half an hour, one hour, 2 hours, 4 hours ?.

What about 24 hours ?.

Yep, that’s right.

HP has just announced it’s Elite dragon fly group of laptops that will be able to provide you battery life anywhere from 16 to 24 hours.

These new notebooks will come in a range of different configurations.

You will have an option to choose from the 8th gen Intel core i5 vPro or the core i7 vPro processor versions coming in with different version of Windows.

The devices will be available with up to 2 TB of internal storage and 16 GB of RAM.

The Elite Dragonfly Notebooks will come with two different battery options.

The lightweight model which will weigh less than 1 kg will provide you with a battery life of upto 16.5 hours.

On the other hand, if you decide to go with the heavier model you can expect a battery life from around 22 hours to 24.5 hours.

Not just that the new notebook lineup will come with the latest Wi-Fi 6 configuration which is said to be much more faster and reliable compared to its predecessors.

The notebooks will be convertible and can rotate up to 360 degrees and will come with the webcam that has a slider door like mechanism to help cover the webcam when not in use to ensure privacy.

The device will also feature a SIM card slot that will support for 4G LTE connectivity.

HP says these line of notebooks is aimed at professional and enterprise usage. 

It seems these Dragon Fly line of a notebooks will be a good competitor to machines like a Dell XPS 13 or even the discontinued MacBook and will have a special appeal to pro and business users.

HP representatives have pointed out that with this line of laptops HP is looking to target CEO’s and business professionals given the fact that the long battery life will especially be fruitful for their workflow.

Microsoft Looks Up At AMD : Ryzen Magic

Microsoft has been deploying Intel chips into its surface lineup ever since it first introduced surface devices.

The very reason for this has been Intel’s better power efficiency and power delivery subsystems over anything that AMD could offer at that time.

Since tables are now turning with AMD’s Ryzen.

And with the launch of Ryzen 3000 series, AMD is giving it back to Intel where it previously lacked.

It seems that Microsoft is about to take this big decision of using some of Ryzen mobile CPU’s for its surface devices.

If the sources are to be believed Microsoft will be refreshing its surface laptop 2 with a 15- inch variant that packs AMD’s new hardware.

It’s not clear at this point weather all of Microsoft’s product line up is going to feature in the AMD hardware or not.

But what is more likely to happen is some if not the entire product stack is going to get potentially refreshed with AMD CPUs.

Products like  Surface Pro 6, Surface book 2 are definitely the big candidates to get a new refresh featuring AMD new notebook CPUs.

It is also worth mentioning that Microsoft might finally be introducing its dual screen device that we have been seeing so many rumors about.

Keep your ears open for some exciting news about this “Project Centaurus” in the upcoming Microsoft Surface event that is going to take place in New York in October 2.

Asia Backing Hydrogen Fueled Cars

So what kind of car do you drive ?. Petrol ?, diesel ?, electric ?.

How about if I tell you that you may see hydrogen fueled vehicles in the future.

Some of the biggest economics of Asia namely China, Japan and South Korea have set really ambitious targets to put millions of hydrogen fuel powered vehicles on the roads by the end of next decade.

It seems these economies are ready to put in billions of dollars in this ambitious project.

The interest in Fuel Cell Vehicles or FCVs has been dimmed recently because of the increasing interest in electrical vehicles.

With development of projects such as Roadster and Tesla Semis, people are regarding electrical vehicles as priority .

Most of which is maybe because people want something that is tangible and works out of the box immediately. Or at-least in the near future.

As of now many critics are skeptic of the project, but people who are the proponents of FCVs  argue that it can potentially be the cleanest source of energy that vehicles may probably have in the future.

Everyone is a skeptic when someone suggests something new, let’s see how things unfold when it comes to using Clean Energy for automobile devices.

More Pixel 4  Official Leaks

People can’t contain their excitement about pixel 4 and it seems Google is finding creative ways to add fuel to the fire.

As of now internet is riddled with leaks about pixel 4.

One of the most prominent among them being Google planning to launch a coral colored device along with its traditional black and white ones.

In a big banner that was released in Times Square New York, it seems google has confirmed this leak.

The banner mockingly says, “Hey Google set a reminder for October 15” which is the date when pixel 4 will be launched.

Apart from the new color variant, what is also confirmed is that pixel 4 will come with the dual camera set up, motion sensor technology, face unlock system among many other things.

I curated a full a list of everything that is leaked about pixel 4 in a separate post and video.

So subscribe and stay tuned for that.

Samsung Galaxy M30s M10s Launched In India

Samsung Galaxy M30s and M10s are now officially launched in India.

The two Galaxy M series phones are updated versions of Galaxy M30 and M10.

The notable upgrades that Galaxy M30s is bringing to the table are a massive 6000 mAh battery and the 48 megapixel triple camera setup.

Upgrades to Galaxy M10 via M10s is a dual camera setup, a rear mounted fingerprint sensor and a bigger 4000 mAh battery.

Along with the, Galaxy M30s and M10s, Samsung uncovered a new variant of the Galaxy M30, in a 3GB + 32GB configuration.

The two phones will be available in Amazon India and Samsung e-store from September 29.

M30s will be prized around 13,999 INR for the base variant and 16,999 for the 6 GB + 128 GB variant.

M10s on the other hand will be priced at 8999 INR for the 3GB and 32GB storage configuration and as of now there are no other variants that are announced for M10s.

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