TechTonics # 2 : Cloudfare 8Chan ban, Audi Scooters, Google Go-Green, Asus Zenfone 6, Amazon Freedom Days Sale

Cloudfare Shuts Off Its Service To 8chan

Source : techcrunch

Cloudflare’s CEO Matthew Prince decided to cut off its support to internet forum 8chan after describing the forum as a cesspool of hate.

The rational behind this as pointed out by Matthew Prince is simple, the internet forum has become lawless and this lawlessness has resulted in multiple tragic deaths across the world.

And also as per Prince, the website infinite chain may not have violated the letter of law, but the website he says is responsible for creating an environment of hate that spurts out all of these criminal activity motivation.

The decision was driven by the perception that the shooter in the mass shooting at El Paso posted an anti-immigration racist manifesto in 8chan almost immediately before the attack which resulted in the killing of 20 people.

It also seems that 8chan was also a recipient of Manifesto that eventually resulted in the Christchurch mosque terrorist attack in New Zealand.

The world and internet is treating this is as a welcome decision and my heart, my love and my prayers go to all of those families who have suffered this tragic loss in this heinous incident.


Audi New Scooters Apparently Solves A Big Problem

Scooters are fun.

They are easily accessible, require less space to store and are a fun way to travel short distances.

But like with every technology, this piece of technology also has its problems.

The problems it appears Audi is taking under consideration and resolving it in its new line of scooters that it is launching under the name  e-tron scooter.

The problem under discussion was the impossible use of hand signals for proper and navigation.

This improper navigation prospect raised a lot of security concerns of the user over travelling short distances.

With improved tech in e-tron scooters, the users will be able to navigate and control the scooter with the help of their weight, just like is the case with a skateboard.

It may seem a bit tedious at first and not to mention the scooter is going to cost 2244$ dollars, but audi seems to portray the fact that with practice the vehicle is going to be very effective.

Audi is saying using the scooter will be like riding waves in a surf board.

And although it may seem like it will take a fair bit of effort to learn how to do that at first.

But this introduction and the way the navigation is happening on this technology is definitely going to take care of the problems that are inherent part of short distance travelling devices.

The new scooter from Audi might be easier to use and easier to navigate but the top speed of just 12.5 mph is turning off potential customers.

The features in the scooter as expected from Audi are really incredible, with Technologies such as regenerative braking in place it also comes with hydraulic foot brake and LED lights.

But let’s see whether these features will overpower the hesitation that customers might have in their minds because of the lack of speed that this device is offering as of now.

Google Releases Sustainable Plans For Its Hardware

Source : Google Blog 

Source : arstechnica

A recent blog post by Anna Meegan, who is the head of sustainability in consumer Hardware at Google just released a statement designating its plan as to how to incorporate sustainable development and eco-friendliness in its hardware.

The plan reveals,

  • Google’s commitment to make all the shipments to and from customers 100% carbon neutral by 2020.
  • Including 100% of recycled materials in made by Google products starting from 2020.
  • Google also gave this commitment to make every possible effort to to use recycled content and material as far as possible.

Google also promises to put people of first in its development of Technology and expansion in such a way that enhances people’s life in every way.

A company deciding to make sustainable development and recycling of materials is not something new.

And it is not something very exclusive to Google.

Tech Giants such as Samsung and Amazon have also decided to take this step to create and expand its capabilities in such a sense that it proves to be an asset to the environment.

For example, Amazon has a long talked about using a sustainable packaging for its deliveries but how many of them are the environmental friendly I want you to be the judge of that.

And Apple has long boasted its visions of closed loop supply chain.

This invariably should lead to allowing damaged phones to be repaired rather than getting replaced.

One thing that you as my viewers need to know is all of these sustainable programs when it comes to tech situation are completely self guided.

I personally feel this is an incredible step that companies take towards sustainable and eco-friendly development.

But I also want you to understand when it comes to responsibility regarding the progress and accountability of these actions, it is only limited to cases like public outrage.

There are no strict government regulations that are being provided to the companies as of now that declares this is the kind of Sustainable practices that you need to do and whether the businesses are have attained these sustainable goals.

So in this case we as consumers need to be very aware of how we are involved with these products.

And come up with a way that continuously pushes every kind of technological development towards sustainability.

Asus Notchless Zenfone 6 Is Now Available In US market

Asus Zenbook 6 with a notchless screen is now available for purchase in United States.

The Zenfone 6 is different from its predecessors in the sense that its camera flips up from back of the device and it also acts as a front facing camera.

It is an incredible little technology that incorporates the 48 megapixel main camera and 13 megapixel wide angle lens while allowing the 6.4 inch screen to execute its task without any kinds of interruptions.

The camera can also auto rotate for panoramas and can easily follow a subject in motion tracking mode.

It seems since CES 2019 Asus has been well on its way to introduce and incorporate innovations wherever possible.

Zenfone 6 features Snapdragon 855 has a huge 5000 mAh battery, dual sim slots and a Micro SD slot that supports up to 2 TB of additional storage.

Presently it is available in twilight silver and midnight black colors.

Although, the downside to it is the phone that does not have any kind of a water resistance or wireless charging whatsoever.

Matrix is returning to Theatres to celebrate its 20th anniversary

Source : the verge

Keanu Reaves fans rejoice as Metrix will soon be releasing again to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

It will be released across it 135 Dolby cinema AMC theatres starting from August 30th to September 5.

The fans of Keanu Reeves are still marinating into the after effects of John Wick 3 and his viral “breathtaking” appearance at E3.

So what is happening here, are we trying to bank on the Keanu Reaves avalanche that is going on with the limited release, or is it just coincidence that the 20th anniversary and the wave happen to overlap in the Keanu Spring time.

Samsung Releases 100 layer V-nand SSDs For Enterprise Systems

Source : zdnet

Samsung continues to rise up in its SSD game by introducing a hundred layer V-nand SSD which will be aimed at enterprise usage.

Samsung claims that the 100 layer V-Nand SSD is industry’s first.

The 256 GB  3-bit V-Nand SSD have begun production and have been supplied to a global PC maker as per Samsung.

Samsung says that it needs just one etching layer for the hundred layer of cells and the device or SSD thus produced will be the best product in market in terms of speed, productivity and efficiency.

Samsung says that it’s hundred layer v-nand SSD will support a writing speed of 425 microseconds and reading response time of 45 microseconds.

The performance of this SSD has been amped to about 10% and its power consumption is decreased by 15% as compared to the 90 layer V-NANDS. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Unveiled

Source : IndiaToday

After unveiling the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Samsung has now unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 prior to release of Galaxy Note 10 on August 7.

The newest Smartwatch is a reiteration of the Galaxy Watch Active released just six month prior to this iteration.

The highlight of a Galaxy watch active 2 is going to be it’s a rotating touch based bezel.

In addition to that the active watch 2 to also comes in two sizes, runs on one UI and offers health and wellness features with the additional supports of LTE and ECG among other technological advancements.

The active watch 2 is said to go on sale starting September 27 in United States.

Flipkart National Shopping Days Sale, Smartphone Deals Revealed

Source : IndiaToday

After the immediate announcement of Amazon to celebrate 73rd Independence day with its Freedom Days sale, flipkart announced its national shopping days sale.

The national shopping days sale will kick off on 8th of august and will continue till 10th of August.

If you have an ICICI debit or credit card, you will get an instant 10% discount on top of the offer price of the product.

During the national shopping days sale, the E-Commerce giant will be providing discounts on a variety of different products including Android phones, iPhones, smart TV units.

And before the sale goes live Flipkart has already revealed various deals that you will be getting on smartphones.

For example, redmi Note 7s  will be going at 9999 Rs and Redmi Note 7 Pro will receive an exchange offer of rupees 1,000 at its marked price.

So if you have been saving up to get any gadget that you so desire the time to grab it starts from August 8.

So stay tuned for that and if you guys want, I’ll go through various deals on Flipkart and I’ll be posting them here on the website so that you can just go ahead and get whatever is presented at a steal price.


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