TechTonics # 6 : Facebook Strikes, Huawei Mate 30 Launch, RPI 4 Emulator, PS-5 And More

Facebook Strikes

It seems in the aftermath of Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has decided to take some massive action.
Facebook is in the process of suspending and banning thousands of apps that Facebook thinks are irresponsibly violating privacy of a huge number of people.
For the two people who don’t know this, Facebook as a social media company has been under intense public criticism regarding not adequately handling the personal data of more than 2 billion users.

It was understood that Facebook profile data of millions of people was harvested without proper administration and was used to run advertising political campaigns.
In a blog post that was released by Facebook, it was pointed out that the step taken was a measure to review how how the data regarding its users is used by different apps.
If the data is not used in a way that ensures user privacy it will result in either suspension or complete ban.
The thousands of apps that were suspended were associated with at least 400 developers.
While some of these apps were suspended some of these were completely banned.
The applications that were banned were found guilty of sharing data obtained from Facebook platform without protecting user identities.
Out of the many Apps that were banned one of them was called myPersonality.
It shared information with researchers and companies with very limited protection to personal information and user identities.
This is now seen as one of the big steps taken by Facebook in response to the Cambridge Cambridge Analytica situation.

Huawei’s New Steps Towards Self Sustenance

In its Global launch event in Munich, Huawei released Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro 4G.
As is the case every year, the mate lineup represents Huawei’s flagship devices.
These new flagship devices always contain the latest and greatest technology from Huawei that is available at that moment.
This year also the mate series is paying special attention to the photo capture department and is introducing innovative camera features and hardware in that direction.
These devices will be incorporating the brand new Kirin 990 as well as Kirin 990 5G SOCs.
The Mate 30 Pro in particular is introducing a true new edge to edge display that curves to the sides up to 90 degree.

Apart from the software and hardware capabilities, one of the key highlights of the mate series is the absence of Google Play and Google services from the device.

This representing a big shift in the industry that is bound to have its consequences over the next decade.
The launch is also special because it is highlighting the very way Huawei is gradually shifting its dependency from Google to becoming much more self-sustainable.
Just so you are aware Huawei also introduce its own mobile device operating system called harmony OS about which we talked about in a previous edition of techtonics.
So when you look at all of these things in conjunction with each other you will see how the entire smartphone industry is taking a shift.

Game Emulators Are Now Available On Raspberry Pi 4

People like me who are really interested in practical electronics are going to be very happy listening to this news.
Ever since Raspberry Pi 4 was released people have been asking, when will they be able to run emulators on Raspberry Pi 4.
Although there have been workarounds and betas that let you run emulation on a Pi 4 but there has not been an official emulator support.
That is all going to change with the introduction of Lakka 2.3, which not only supports Raspberry Pi 4 but also welcomes improvements over its previous versions.
Lakka 2.3 promises many new updates such as notification animations, widgets and other overlays throughout its interface.
Lakka can be made available on Raspberry Pi 4 using two methods.
Either you can select Lakka while installing the latest version of NOOBS.
Or you can also install Lakka onto your card by downloading the official image from the Lakka website.

Play Station 5 Pro May Be Launched Alongside The Standard PlayStation model.

Talking about gaming, last year Sony’s CEO and President Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed the development of next generation PlayStation 5.
Looking at the pattern that Sony has been following what we were expecting is that the standard Play Station 5 machine will get released first and it will shortly be followed by a slimmed down model and also a pro version.

But right now, a new rumor is popping up that suggests Sony will be presenting PlayStation 5 Pro along with its base model of PlayStation 5.

This news is coming from a youtube video released by Zenji Nishikawa who confirms the case.
The news should be taken with a pinch of salt but previous rumors from zenji regarding PS4 Pro and switch lite have been authentic.
Good news for gamers all around !!.
Now let’s wait and see what updates is ps5 going to bring on the table.

Most Massive Neutron Star Detected

Astronomers just detected the most massive neutron star to ever exist.

The neutron star is approximately 4600 light years from earth.

This massive object is wavering on the edge of existence and is approaching the theoretical maximum mass that is possible for a neutron star.

For those of you who are unaware of it neutron stars are compressed remains of massive stars gone supernova.

And are the densest normally observable objects in the known universe.

To give you an idea as to how dense these things are a single sugar cube worth of neutron star material will weigh 100 million tonnes on earth or about the same as what the entire population of earth would weigh.


The space just keeps getting better and better isn’t it.

With that massive news we are at the end of this episode of techtonics.

I hope you enjoyed everything you saw.

I now request your permission to take leave. Stay tuned for further editions of techtonics and I am going to see you very very soon.

Namaskaram :).

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