Can I Use An Old Power Supply For A New PC? Or Do I Need A New One?

can I use an old power supply for a new pc | do I need a new power supply

So, do you need a new power supply or will an old power supply work with a new computer? I am surprised that such an important question is discussed so little. Choosing the right power supply is a very crucial part of a pc building process. What’s even more surprising is that when it comes … Read more

Build Your Own PC : The Only Guide You Will Ever Need To Build A PC

build your own pc

Build Your Own PC: The Ultimate Yantraas Guide Wanna know what irony is? The first time I set out to build a PC for myself, with such a big whooping internet around me. The one thing I struggled with was finding a simple definitive guide that tells me how to build my own computer. Now … Read more

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