How To Reduce Chrome Data Usage In Windows 10, Android & iOS?

reduce chrome data usage in windows 10, Android and iOS devices

Yielding to popular requests from my lovely readers, today let me teach you how to reduce chrome data usage in Windows 10. Google chrome is the most robust and effective internet browser that finds space in almost all PCs. But everyone who uses chrome realizes pretty soon that it isn’t something that operates without any … Read more

How Long Do PC Parts Last? | Hardware Lifetime Compared!

how long do pc parts last

So how long do PC parts last? There can be quite a few reasons why you would ask a question like how long does a PC last, how long will your laptop last etc. One very obvious reason is the fact that PC parts aren’t cheap. When you decide you need a PC, the planning … Read more

Do Arduino Sensors Work With Raspberry Pi? | 3 Easy Interfacing Ways

do arduino sensors work with raspberry pi

When it comes to the world of practical electronics very rarely will you find someone who doesn’t start their learning process with Arduino. In this article, let me cover some very frequently raised queries that arise when Arduino and Raspberry Pi are discussed together starting from do Arduino sensors work with Raspberry Pi. Now I … Read more

Is PWM AC or DC? | 2 Easy Ways of Generating PWM Signals!

is pwm ac or dc

Once you dip your feet into practical electronics, it is only a matter of time before you hear pulse width modulation. Pulse Width Modulation is a crucial concept to learn and apply in electronics.  PWM is a way to provide variable power to an output load. So, with a PWM signal, you can dim your … Read more

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