Can I Use An Old Power Supply For A New PC? Or Do I Need A New One?

can I use an old power supply for a new pc | do I need a new power supply

So, do you need a new power supply or will an old power supply work with a new computer? I am surprised that such an important question is discussed so little. Choosing the right power supply is a very crucial part of a pc building process. What’s even more surprising is that when it comes … Read more

Which Graphic Card Is Best For Me ? : Comprehensive GPU Buying Guide

which graphic card is best

Understanding which graphic card is best a without any doubt the most important aspect of any PC build. On this blog we have previously talked about how to go ahead and choose a CPU for your build. We also went into great details to understand what is needed to choose the best motherboard for your … Read more

Radeon 7 : AMD’s Gift At CES 2019 The “What Is” & “What Should Be”

radeon 7

What’s up folks !!. How’s the weather. Chilly I hope. Or whatever it is you like. I mean the point is hope you are doing A-okay. First off, I would like to point out that this post is almost entirely speculation or a perspective into what Radeon 7 looks like. Reasons are obvious of course. Lisa … Read more

Nvidia GPP fiasco : Complete story & different outlook towards competition

nvidia gpp

Graphic card industry and everyone associated with it are in one hell of roller coaster ride. It has literally been months since people have been waiting for the cryptocurrency mining wave to settle down a bit just so they can build an affordable gaming PC.  As if that wasn’t enough Nvidia drops the Nvidia GPP. … Read more

Build Your Own PC : The Only Guide You Will Ever Need To Build A PC

build your own pc

Build Your Own PC: The Ultimate Yantraas Guide Wanna know what irony is? The first time I set out to build a PC for myself, with such a big whooping internet around me. The one thing I struggled with was finding a simple definitive guide that tells me how to build my own computer. Now … Read more

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