TechTonics # 5 : HP Elite DragonFly Notebooks, Microsoft Turns To AMD, FCVs,Galaxy M30s

techtonics 5

Welcome again my babies, to a fresh edition of #TechTonics. Here is everything worth knowing happening os the tech world today !!. HP Elite Dragon Fly Laptops So how long does your laptop battery last /. 15 minutes,  half an hour, one hour, 2 hours, 4 hours ?. What about 24 hours ?. Yep, that’s … Read more

Nvidia GPP fiasco : Complete story & different outlook towards competition

nvidia gpp

Graphic card industry and everyone associated with it are in one hell of roller coaster ride. It has literally been months since people have been waiting for the cryptocurrency mining wave to settle down a bit just so they can build an affordable gaming PC.  As if that wasn’t enough Nvidia drops the Nvidia GPP. … Read more

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