SnapDragon 845 : What is the upcoming dragon gonna snap ?

Snapdragon 845 : How will the newer dragon snap the older one ?

So if you are one of those people who think android 2017 flagships kicked ass. Oh mama !! are you in for a surprise when the newer snapdragon 845 kicks in.

Offering a ground up redesign of the platform’s architecture, Qualcomm has unveiled what is more than just periodic evolution of smartphone processors.

And it sure is going to leave an impact on 2018’s premium Android handsets.

While snapdragon 835 primarily bumped up performance and speeds of the occupied handsets , the new snapdragon 845 brings a wave of freshness by introducing how the new processor will be used for AI, photos and of course the widely requested battery life.

Truth be told we will have to wait for Galaxy S9 to see the bad boy in action. But that isn’t the point of this post.

What we are going into today is how will the new puppy enhance the experience of power users. You ready ?.

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Get ready for faster downloads and streaming,

Now here’s the deal, the basic constructional architecture of Snapdragon 845 is the same as that of the 835 (10 nm octa-core).

What that means is its very unlikely that you will observe extreme performance boost in real world use.

In other words, real world performance difference between Galaxy S9 or LG V40 over S8 or V30 wouldn’t be much.

Now lets talk about the candy that you will be able to taste.

The snapdragon 845 uses the second gen X20 gigabit LTE modem, that supports 1.2 Gb/s Gigabit LTE category 18 as well as multigigabit 802.11ad WiFi for even faster downloads.

Now of-course, the real transfer speeds will depend on your network, however, qualcomm says you will be able to download a 3 GB movie in less than 3 minutes over LTE.

What ?? 😀

Long lasting battery,

Qualcomm promises 30 % more power efficiency when compared to the 835.

Most users using the 835 happily reported a full day of regular use.

So a 30 % more optimization means you can push your device into the second day without needing to be charged.

snapdragon 845 features

The background processing leading into saved battery power involves,

  • intelligent delineation of tasks resulting in video recording utilizing 30 % less power and
  • Adreno Foveation that uses eye tracking to determine which areas of the screen to fully render so that graphic-intensive games and apps utilize less power.

Pretty smart !! Han ?

Smartness doesn’t end here

Qualcomm says snapdragon 845 will support AI frameworks such as Google’s TensorFlowLite and Facebook’s caffe2 in addition to be optimized for newer networks.

And deploying a new Hexagon Digital Signal processor the snapdragon 845 will be three times faster with AI performance.

This indirectly means more efficient processing methods for repetitive tasks which again means better battery performance.

Now those were a lot of words. And if you are not a geek like me. There is a big chance you didn’t understand any of that.

So let me rephrase what I just wrote.

This new tech that is encapsulated in snapdragon 845 will be able to see what it needs to do in real time via repetitive algorithms and real time analysis.

With this data it will be able to realign and provide only those system resources that are absolutely essential and save the rest. Thus, saving energy and hence battery.

Camera upgrades that will make your question your DSLR,

For all of you who think its their camera that does the heavy-lifting while taking photos, news flash, they don’t.

Most processing tasks are done by image signal processors.

You know all that candy cam things you are so used too, nothing much candy about that in the background except crazy number crunching.

Spectra 280 ISP in snapdragon 845 will focus on newer horizon of color volume meaning your selfies and photos will be richer and have more depth.

Pout away my friend pout away.

Added features include better photos in low light thanks to multi-frme noise reduction, faster auto-focus and accelerated image stabilization.

Portrait mode will be made even better with depth based face recognition.


And as if that wasn’t enough, get this.

This newer tech will enable ultra HD premium video capture for 4K 60 fps and ….. and ………. 720p 480 fps.

What in the name of damn !!

wtf meme

I mean my Canon 200D can shoot 1080p at 60 fps only.

Anyhoo, things are gonna get very real, very soon.

No more insecurity,

So , qualcomm will be stuffing a specialised processing unit inside the snapdragon 845 that will make your data more secure.

Now, now. We all know how secure our data is don’t we ?? .

So whatever security we think we have, they are promising us to make that a little bit more secure.

By security I think they mean that they wish to create a space within the device to protect fingerprint, iris and biometric scans.

Let’ see boys let’s see.

So the rapid rate at which the tech is multiplying its not surprising to see so many features all wrapped in one chipset.

I mean come on. We have AI robots like Sophia who “joke” about taking over humanity.

That thing still gives me the creeps by the way.

Snapdragon 845 shouldn’t be a surprise over that should it ?

Anyhoo, I would love nothing more than to receive your valuable inputs into what you think about the new snapdragon 845.

And with that allow me to conclude this post. I love you all and I will see in the next one.

Namaskaram 🙂 _/\_












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