Pixel 4 Leaks : All Pixel 4 Leaks Compiled In One Single Place

The Heat is on for Pixel 4 guys !!.

The people are shouting in unison, Give us the pixel 4 already !!.

I mean yeah, I get the excitement. With iPhone 11 being released you want to see what android is bringing to the table.

Maybe you are comparing everything to see, which device is going to handle your mantle in 2020.

But guys it’s just a phone. After two months they all loose their “apparent shine” and then we starting lusting over what’s next.

I don’t mean to kill the buzz, but let we as consumers be the driver of the engine rather than being at its mercy.

That’s precisely how we get marketed things that we may not necessarily need.

Anyways, let’s discuss what we know for certain with pixel 4.

Pixel 4 Leaks : The Similar Pattern To What We Saw With Pixel 3

When Google Pixel 3  and pixel 3 XL were about to release last year, we saw a whole bunch of leaks ranging from usual blurry photos to someone actually leaving a handset on a lift.

And gradually before even the devices were released everybody knew to a great extent what they are going to get in pixel 3 devices.

And it is almost ridiculous how similar things are happening this year as well before the launch of Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL.

Google is very creatively fueling the already excited audience about the device by teasing various aspects about the devices.

And I see too many people confused as to what is it that we know for certain and what are just rumors,

To go from confusion and chaos to clarity, I decided to create a post to round up everything that we know for certain.

Naming & Release Date

When there were so much speculation as to what kinds of naming convention will Google follow with its new devices.

Google via its twitter handle dropped the bomb and confirmed the design and the naming convention it was going to follow.

After again a lot of talks on when pixel 4 devices were going to be released we now have full confirmation that Google pixel 4 and Google pixel 4 XL will be launching on October 15th.

And as was the case with the event last year this time also the event is going to take place in New York city.

Google Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL Design,

With the confirmation about the naming convention from Google,it also confirmed in many ways the design Google will be using with its new pixel devices.

The devices will feature a large camera bump on the back of the phone. 

This led a lot of people saying that same camera setup is something which was very identical to what we saw in the leaks of 2019 iPhone.

Front Design

Till this point in time we knew for sure how the design of pixel 4 from the rear side is going to be.

There was no clarity or confirm reports regarding as to how the front of pixel 4 and pixel 4 XL might look like.

But slowly through different channels we understood that pixel 4 and pixel 4 XL when it comes to front design will be notch-less and is going to have a large forehead and a small chin.

Few days after Google officially confirmed pixel 4 design on twitter, 9to5google released two new photos for pixel 4.

Credits : 9to5google
pixel 4 leaks
Credits : 9to5google

There is nothing much you could figure out from the leaked photos than what we previously knew.

The leaked photos featured the device wrapped in google’s official fabric cases.

9to5google also claimed that the new pixel 4 had a big forehead that was capable of holding at least two camera lenses but there were no evidence to support it.

What is also speculated is that Google will drop the dual front facing speakers but will retain an ear piece. 

Front Sensors

In another set of photos that were in the wild as shown, you can spot five sensors that were pointed out by Lew on his channel Unbox Therapy.

What we can expect from this is that the new pixel devices will feature a face ID like security system given the fact that we didn’t spot any fingerprint sensor in the device.

In July, we also saw the renders from pricebaba showcasing the front of pixel 4.

pixel 4

The Color Conundrum

As time passed we gradually we started seeing leaked renders about what colors will pixel 4 feature.

Most people expected google to follow the traditional black and white drops.

But some rumors pointed a new mint color  pixel 4 but the rumors and the leaked were a bit contradictory.

Talking about color what eventually happened was another color started surfacing on the internet.

A Coral color that seemed to have grabbed a lot of interest and skepticism of people given the simple fact that this color was in contrast to what Google has been producing in its past versions of pixel.

The new color received some confirmation when a new video from the YouTube channel gadget leaks published a video showcasing the Coral colored pixel.

Two of the biggest leaks for pixel 4 XL as far as design and functionalities are concerned were from two different channels showcasing the phone’s hardware and software capabilities.

Along with the hardware and software capabilities the videos also highlighted a 90 hertz display.



Specs & Features,

Till this point of time the only thing we knew for certain was how did these two devices looked from the outside/

In other words we knew what the devices are going to look like but we had a very little understanding as to what will be the internal specifications of the two new Google devices.

The Processor

However, a new picture of Google pixel 4 XL surfaced in September that showed a hardware scanning app running on the device.

pixel 4 leaks

The app displayed that the device was featuring a Snapdragon 855 processor.

Unfortunately nothing got revealed about the battery and we also can’t expect Google to bring back the headphone jack.

There was also a lot of talks about Google working on a face recognition software as a form of bio metric security system.

The 5 Front Sensors,

Lew from Unbox Therapy pointed out that the new pixel 4 handsets will include at least 5 front facing image sensors for face ID like sub system.

And as was the case previously when Google released an image of the the pixel in its tweet.

Google decided to take people by surprise by actually releasing a video confirming that there will in fact be a face ID feature in its new devices.

Check it out !!.


The video confirms that the device will be having front-facing sensors that include a radar sensor which can be used for hands free control of the phone.

Google also give a diagram showing all the front facing sensors on the device.

pixel 4 radar sensor


From the image we can see that the new pixel 4 devices may not have dual lenses lenses selfie camera that we so in the previous version of pixels. 

But don’t quote me on that because it is still not clear and maybe there’s a second lens hidden in there somewhere that Google isn’t showing us right now.


One of the biggest weak links of pixel 3 devices that everybody agreed upon was that each of the previous versions of pixel had just 4GB of RAM.

And everyone is voicing this in unison that Google needs to step up the game and include at least 6 GB of RAM in its new pixel 4 devices.

There have been plenty of rumors suggesting that yes in-fact pixel devices will come with 6 GB of RAM.


There are also leaks that suggest that there will be slight up-gradations for the display as well.

The display resolution for pixel 4 display could possibly be 2280 X 1080 as compared to pixel 3 devices which had 2160 X 1080 resolution.

Pixel 4 XL could easily have the resolution of 3040 X 1440 which will be a slight upgrade over 2960 X 1440 resolution on the pixel 3 XL.

There is also one source that suggest that is 3040 X 1440 resolution but it mentions the screen size will be 6.23 inch as compared to pixel 3 XL 6.3 inch panel. 

The most interesting thing that we have been seeing are a lot of rumors suggesting the possibility that pixel 4 series may be sporting A 90 hertz display refresh rate.

As the one we have seen with oneplus 7 Pro.

This is a great because 90 Hz refresh rate received a big welcome from a lot of consumers.

Motion Sense Feature

What makes things even more interesting is that we also saw the motion sense feature in pixel 4 in operation via a video on the YouTube channel This In Tech Today.

The video features how the quick motion sense feature from Pixel device could be used to change songs, and silence notifications.

There are also a variety of different gestures serving different purposes like checking time, notification and other such information.

Google Camera App Updates

As far as camera upgrades is concerned we know for a fact that pixel 4 will feature to rear sensors.

There is also news that suggest a few new features might be on the way including the 8X zoom, improved night sight and a new feature called the motion mode.

A user from the xda developers forum pointed out on different google camera app updates that we may be seeing in the pixel devices like audio zoom, live HDR and Mesh Warp.

The xda developers also discussed almost all the updates that we may possibly be seeing  the upcoming version of Google camera app in depth.

The camera interface can include features like recording a video for as long as you hold the shutter button on the camera mode.

There may be a new tutorial feature inside the camera for giving you tips on how to take better pictures.

Maybe even tutorials for time lapse, tweaked zoom and exposure sliders.

Video Recording & Gaming Performance

There was a video created by Relab indicating pixel 4 video recording performance.

The video performance of pixel 4 when compared with Galaxy Note 10 plus was pretty bad with pixels color science leaning towards warmer side of the spectrum.

But is it is too early to comment about the the performance of the final product.

In the same video gaming performance was also tested and it seems pixel 4 was able to run pubg mobile without a hitch and the 90 hertz refresh rate was a cherry on top. 

Radar Sensor Deployment

Google has already confirm that the pixel 4 and pixel 4 XL devices will feature the sensor.

It was reported that two phones visited the the FCC with request for approval to use the 58 to 60 3.5 GHz spectrum.

Since Project Soli which is deployed in the pixel 4 and pixel 4 XL devices uses the same spectrum it is almost assured that pixel 4 and pixel 4 XL visited the FCC to incorporate it into their system.


At this point of time pixel 4 and pixel 4 XL device prices do not have any confirmed reports.

But I feel we can safely assume certain things looking at various patterns that the industry has been following.

The price difference between 2017 pixel 2 devices and 2018 pixel 3 devices was around 150$.

Though that should not be the case this year, when it was it took a lot of people by surprise.

As far as discussions go people are predicting that the pixel 4 devices should have comparable pricing as pixel 3 devices.

This is the pricing that we saw for pixel 3 devices at the time of launch.

Google pixel 3 – 799$ for 64GB version and 899$ for 128 GB version.

The Google pixel 3 XL – 899$ for 64 GB version and 999$ for 128 GB version

Google pixel 3A 399$ (64 GB).

Pixel 3A XL – 479$ (64GB)

Estimated Pricing For Pixel Devices

Starting at $800 there were many people who felt that the price was too expensive for pixel devices.

But with the release of budget friendly pixel 3a line, the company actually made things easier for the customer to get one of the best camera smartphones in the market.

So as per a weibo user, pixel 4 could cost anywhere around 700$ to 850$ which will put pixel 4 in the same price bracket as was the case when pixel 3 launched.

There are many other rumors about pixel happening out there at the very moment you are reading this post.

But including all of them and pestering you with just talks without confirmation doesn’t make any sense to me.

The pixel 4 leaks that we discussed where the most prominent ones out there that had some basis to their existence.

Tell me what do you think you are looking forward to in these pixel 4 devices.

Are there any rumors that you have been hearing which are big and I haven’t mentioned them here.

If yes, go ahead comment them in the comment section below along with sources for everyone to see and I may include them in this post below.

Till next time. 🙂

Namaskaram _/\_ :).


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