Mixed Reality : What is it ? And the difference between VR, MR and AR

You know the other day while being lazy on my couch. Sorry, I am lying. I don’t have a couch. So being lazy on my mat I was wondering whether all of this world one big illusion. Microsoft’s headlines on mixed reality didn’t help.

Mixed Reality Headlining Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

First virtual reality, than augmented reality and now mixed reality. Great.

that_would_be _great

Anyhoo, it’s fun how entertainment has evolved itself from a something that you could only have at big curtain in a cinema halls to CRTs to flat screens to 3D.

And now to a point where everything gets blown on to your face as if everything is happening around you.

It’s nice. Makes you wonder what’s next han ?

The Ring ?

I mean, I hope not.

So what the heck is

Mixed Reality

Well there’s this nice formal definition given here by wiki that you can check out.

But Hey Man !!, If Wikipedia definition is what we wanted why the hell would we have come here. Some might think.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah !! I feel that.

So instead of just explaining what mixed reality is, as if you are going to give a high school exam to get good marks from a teacher you don’t even like.


Let’s simplify it shall we.

There’s this complete virtual environment called virtual reality.

And on the other side you have this absolutely real environment called, well, reality :P.

Take both of them and mix them up nice and tight in a blender so that each of them blend with each other in an indistinguishable way so that they actually interact with each other and boom, you have mixed reality.

Mixed Reality Vs Virtual Reality Vs Augmented Reality

Again no high school definitions right.

You know these are not topics that can be clearly understood by taking their definitions in fragments.

Because the REALITY is (Reality 😀 get it ? No ? Ok.),

The reality is, all these terms are actually points on a scale that ranges from reality to virtuality and hence they complement each other.

There is literally a scale. I am not even talking figuratively.

This scale is called reality-virtuality continuum.

Jesus !!.

Well, It looks like this.


It’s a band that takes you from reality to illusion.

Now if you keep your focus on the scale and see how easy all these terms become.

Real environment means real environment where everything is tangible and can be accessed by touch.

Augmented reality means reality augmented by virtual elements.

Classic example for this was the oh so popular Pokemon Go game.

Next we get into virtuality that has elements of reality and we term that augmented virtuality.

Example for this is a flight maintenance engineer working on a virtual environment that replicates the inner controls of an actual flight.

And lastly if you remove every shard of reality from an environment so that everything that is real goes away, that is Virtual Reality.

This infographic will probably remove any last ounce of doubt you may have.


You might have seen people wearing that big hunky goggle covering there whole face and behaving like idiots.

Yup, those dudes are lost in illusion or virtual reality.

Mixed Reality Headsets (MR headsets) And Other Essential Info

So there are 5  MR headsets that have been unveiled.

  1. Acer MR headset – 399 USD
  2. Dell Visor – 399 USD
  3. Lenovo Explorer – 449 USD
  4. HP MR Headset – 449 USD
  5. Samsung Odyssey – 499 USD
  • Note that these prices may change. Click the link to know the latest prices.

All of these headsets have a front mounted camera  that enable the blending of the real world with the virtual one.

Now this is really amazing if you think about it.

Your virtual world could take markings from the table in-front of you so that you don’t thrash your toe into its edge and convert the virtual experience into reality of mayhem.

Its all about living totally in illusion.

When it comes to hardware the first four will feature a basic 1440 X 1440 screens with 90 Hz refresh rate.

On the other hand Odyssey boasts 2880 X 1600 OLED screens. Nice.

Hardware grunt from the PC side depends on the mode on which the headsets are being run at.

The regular mode demands at least Core i5-7200U or better and integrated HD 620 or better.

Unleashing Ultra mode of the would require an equivalent or above combination of i5-4590 and/or GTX 960/RX 460

But Can It run Crysis


Get it.

If you are a hardcore PC gamer you will get it.

So what can these puppies run.

Quite a bit actually.

Top titles from MS store like Minecraft VR and Halo Recruit are a go-go including titles from SteamVR.

Now after seeing all this there is a chance you may be having this question that I had.

Why Microsoft Why ?

I mean Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE have been killing it in the VR game then what is the real intent behind all of this.

I would like to hear that from you in the comment section.

My best guess is trying to diversify the niche of VR from just games to probably a wider domain like productivity, social media and entertainment.

But hey my guess is as good as yours.

But all in all if something is backed my Microsoft they may be want to head the whole VR game into newer dimensions and innovative usage scenarios.

Will it turn out the way MS intends it to whatever that intention might be only time will tell.

Anyhoo, loved talking to you.

See you in the next one.

Going back to my mat to ponder whether its all one big illusion. Get it ? No ? Ok 😛


Namaskaram _/\_ 🙂



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