Is PS5 worth it if you have a PC? | Top 5 Factors to Consider

You know we think that the console vs PC gaming battle will find closure one day or the other.

Well, we should have known better. As much as we like to give each of them its place, people somehow find a way to keep the argument going.

But there are some very important insights to be made when it comes to the argument.

Arguments that for some reason seem to not find substance in console and PC gaming discussions.

Is there a stream of thought that justifies owning them together which needs to be looked at?

Let’s explore that in this article.

So, is PS5 worth it if you have a PC?

If you are an avid gamer that doesn’t require a workstation for the job that you do, if you value PS exclusives and like experiencing them first hand, if you want discreet systems for work and for gaming, yes a PS5 is worth it if you already have a PC.

I am very well aware that there are many discussion points that can be raised above and beyond what I just relayed.

In the upcoming sections let us go and dig deeper into the two worlds in a comparative sense to know if it is actually worth getting a PS5 if you do already own a PC.

Many say this question doesn’t really have a right answer. I agree.

But also I don’t.

You have an answer to the question if you know what exactly your needs are.

So let’s just go ahead and discuss different perspectives that I am hoping will give better clarity pertaining to the purchase decision of PS5.

PS5 or Gaming PC: Objective Analysis

So, to put things in perspective it is very important to know what you get or lose when you choose one or the other.

Now when it comes to wanting to get a PS5 when you already own a PC, the subjective understanding is far more important than comparing specs.

Therefore, I will make this quick and precise, because I wish to relay something even more important.


This is one of the most crucial points of discussion. A PS5 comes in two versions, disc ($500) and disc-less($400). 

Yet owing to chip shortage, PS5 despite the versions was selling for prices as high as $800 to $1000.

The hit wasn’t limited to consoles, it hit graphics cards even badly. 

Not long ago, you could build a PC for $500 that would match if not beat any current-gen console.

When the prices hiked, you would be lucky if you could score just a decent graphic card at that price.

While the prices are stabilizing they are nowhere near their original marks. 

So if you want a PC purely for gaming purposes, snagging a PS5 at its base price can be a very wise choice.

On the other hand, if you already own a PC that can game, probably the better bet is to see if you can upgrade it.


Now consoles are closed units. This means it is possible to create a custom PC that you can match and has headroom for productivity.

On the other hand, games are optimized by developers for PS5 hardware, so their performance is pushed up. While there is so much more to it, roughly a PS5 is matched by a system that runs Ryzen 7 3700X and RX5700.

A console is a closed system with close nit parts designed for a fixed optimum performance. A PC is upgradeable. You can tune your PC to achieve the performance that you want, by acknowledging the limits.

So, if you already own a PC that matches a PS5 or can match a PS5 with upgrades


One of the biggest reasons for picking a PS5 over a PC is PS exclusives. 

Now I really wanted to use the phrase “used to be” instead of “is”. But I am constraining myself just yet. 

You see at the time of launch, games like God of War, Marvel’s Spiderman, and Miles Morales, people ran after PS5 and were happy with the whole smooth exclusive 4K gaming experience.

The PS5 machine held its own very aptly in doing justice to these games.

Anyone with a nice 4K TV was very much inclined towards picking a PS5, as creating a 4K gaming PC, given the times would have cost a lot more than a PS5.

Now what is also true is that the color of the “exclusive” banner is thinning. 

God of War for instance is ported to PC with perfection and Spiderman Remastered is receiving accolades.

That said, PS exclusives still offer the first-hand gaming experience to new titles, and having a good monitor or screen to pair it with makes it a very attractive proposition.

Compatibility and Longevity

Even today consoles are the benchmarks that PC builders use to know if the gaming PC they are building is apt, as per current gaming needs.

But if you factor in the fact that on a PC you can play decade-long titles and a PS5 only supports current gen and PS4 titles.

Taking that forwards you don’t have to worry about backward compatibility with the PC. 

On consoles, however, there is always a slim chance that the next-gen device may drop support for PS4-compatible games.


One strong point when it comes to owning PS5 today is the gaming experience offered by the new dual sense controllers.

The new dual sense controllers offer what sony calls haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

These two features most people agree make the experience immersive and responsive. 

Xbox controllers work seamlessly with PC, and the majority of people use them for PC. But you can use PS5 controllers with your PC as well, albeit with only a few games supporting the two key features.

Ideally, controllers shouldn’t be the only reason to get a PS5 in my opinion, but if you are passionate enough, it can be for you.

PC vs PS5: Subjective Analysis

As I said, objective comparisons although important are too simplistic.

Let’s be honest, when it comes to deciding these things it always comes down to individual needs and situations. 

So, let me try and cover different scenarios that you as an individual may encounter.

Remember the target here is not to cover all possible situations, because well, that’s impossible.

But to give you a knowledge base witch which you can arrive at an understanding that works for you.

Take Budget into Account

So, when it comes to budget things go pretty straightforward. You see if you already have a PC on which you can game decently.

Taking into account, PS5 availability and GPU shortage, if you already have a PC, I would advise against getting a PS5.

I say this again and again on this platform, don’t chase the newest or the fastest or the greatest.

There is no such thing. Be very aware of what your need is and invest only in that which fulfills it. And yes, even if budget is not an issue with you.

Do you have a Workstation?

So, do you have a PC that was created with a priority for creative work and productivity?

If so, more often than not PCs like these are at par or at least equal in performance to what a PS5 will provide you in gaming.

So, I feel a more sensible route will be to see how much can you upgrade your system.

A good reason to pick PS5 would be if you want your work to be separate from gaming.

Personally, on my work PC, everything is arranged with respect to my work. I have organized it in a certain way and I know where everything is.

And I prefer that my work PC is just that for work. I don’t like cluttering it with games or apps that aren’t strictly work-related.

If that is indeed you, and if you also have like a 4K TV, PS5 in my opinion is very worth it for you.

How many People Game in your House?

This may seem like an out-of-the-box unimportant question, but it isn’t.

If you have kids, and all you have is a PC that isn’t just a dedicated PC, your kids showing up to game, when you have something important to do, to put it lightly, breaks your flow.

A separate gaming station in the form of a PS5 will help create a space where you can work without interruptions.

And well it’s not just that, a common place where all family can come together and play has a good feeling about it.

So, yeah, if you are picking a PS5 for family, as a gift, or something that someone else apart from you can enjoy, go for it.


Now, warranty concerns for some reason don’t attract the discussions they should for some reason.

And manufacturers play a very conscious role in downplaying its role. I am not saying everyone is like that, but I find the trend consistent with most.

Especially, if you have ever built a pc yourselves, there is no one who is going to take care of a defective PC as a whole. 

You will have to find the defective part yourselves by running diagnostic checks and RMA the said defective part.

The good thing is these individual parts have a significant warranty period, 2 years at least on average.

For consoles, if there is any defect owing to “defective materials or workmanship”, you can have it fixed or replaced via relevant service centers without bothering too much with what has gone wrong.

So, if you are looking for hassle-free after-sales support maybe consoles are a good option for you.


When you get a car, the upfront cost is just the beginning. It’s somewhat similar to getting a PS5 as well.

Over the years, developers have made many multiplayer games free to play(CS: GO, Rocket League, DOTA, etc). 

Moreover, epic releases two games every week for fans to take away absolutely free of cost.

This has made pc gaming more affordable for the masses and it has a very obvious edge in this regard.

Comparing this with PS5, given the context, to play most online multiplayer games you need a PlayStation Plus membership($60/year or $10/month).

This isn’t to say this is bad or anything. In PS Plus, you also get three games free every month, along with cloud saves and exclusive discounts.

But given how much freedom multiplayer space gets on PC, it sure is something everyone wants.

To put it simply, with PS5 you have to pay to play, with PC you can pay to play.

More PS5 FAQs

With this article as I mentioned previously, I didn’t want the theme to take a PS5 VS Gaming PC color.

I wanted to present points on a factual and subjective basis.

Because I want to make you as a reader come to your own conclusion and decide if a PS5 is worth it given you already have a PC.

Now to supplement the knowledge base further let me leave by answering a few more questions that will append your knowledge further given the context.

Can I use PS5 controllers with my PC?

Yes, you can use the new dual sense controllers with a PC via Bluetooth. That said, only a limited number of PC games can make use of the exclusive haptic feedback and adaptive trigger features. For wired connection, you may require a USB-C to USB-A cable if your PC doesn’t have a USB-C port.

Are PS5 Exclusives Worth It?

Developers tune games to perform optimally for PS5 so as far as seamless gaming experience goes, yes PS5 exclusives are worth it. If you want to purchase a PS5 just for exclusives you have to factor in the fact that most PS5 exclusives eventually get ported for PC.

Should I Upgrade my PC or Get a PS5?

Make the decision by comparing your PC’s current specs to what is the PC equivalent of the current gen console. If your current specs are equal to or better than the console equivalent don’t upgrade otherwise upgradation is something to think about.

I hope you enjoyed the article as much as I enjoyed writing about it.

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