Install raspbian on SD card | Flashing OS images directly to SD card

So you have flesh and bones. And now you wish to infuse life within Raspberry Pi. You of-course do that by pumping an OS in that piece of sand. In this post we are gonna talk about how to install raspbian on SD card via direct image flashing.

Damn, those are a lot of fancy words. Let me ease them for ya.

In my previous post on Raspberry Pi Setup, we went into details of setting up our Raspberry Pi.

In the process, we talked about installing raspbian via noobs after proper formatting of the SD card.

If you didn’t fell asleep during the 2500 words, you would have observed how we installed raspbian on SD card in an indirect fashion using NOOBS.

In this post, we are gonna,

Install raspbian on SD card via OS image flash,

I am not gonna lie.

That sounds sexy.

Well, for nerds it is. Uhh, I am going off topic again. Coffee.

but thats none of my business

15 minutes later.

Yes, hoorah !!! raspbian, SD card, flashing let’s go.

Allow me to explain what the whole process is. In most cases, when you need to transfer certain files from one place to another what do you do ?

Of-course you copy from one folder where the source files to the destination folder/drive where you want the files to be.

Good enough, right.

But when it comes to certain processes like copying contents over for installing an OS. The procedure isn’t the same.

The process of loading an OS boot files onto a formatted media is called flashing.

For windows installation most of you would have used something like Rufus.

You can use Rufus for Raspbian too I guess, but I haven’t tried it. So I won’t say anything with absolute certainty.

In this post we are gonna use the tried and tested method for our Raspberry Pi.

Very Important : We in this post are going to install raspbian but I want you to understand this is a generic method. More importantly this is a method to be deployed for OS that aren’t embedded with NOOBS such as RISC.

Install Raspbian on SD card via etcher,

I just wish everything in life was as simple as etcher.

Off-topic Off-topic.

Okay, okay. Am good.

Etcher is a simple piece of software available for windows, mac and Linux and probably is the best tool to install raspbian on sd card or any OS for that matter.

Look at this snap.

etcher install raspbian on sd card

That’s it boi.

  1. Click the ‘+’ to select the OS image or zip file.
  2. Next click the drive icon to select the formatted SD card.
  3. Click flash. Wait and enjoy wonder about life till etcher does its thing.

I am gonna  go have some coffee.

You take care of yourselves.

I will see you in the next one.

Namaskaram 🙂 _/\_


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