Is PWM AC or DC? | 2 Easy Ways of Generating PWM Signals!

is pwm ac or dc

Once you dip your feet into practical electronics, it is only a matter of time before you hear pulse width modulation. Pulse Width Modulation is a crucial concept to learn and apply in electronics.  PWM is a way to provide variable power to an output load. So, with a PWM signal, you can dim your … Read more

6 Uses Of Old Ram You Never Thought You Could Have

uses of old RAM

If I ask you what are the first steps you think of when you see your PC showing signs or lag and slow response? More often than not, your response would be to upgrade your RAM and or an old hard drive with a new fast SSD. And that is the perfect line of thinking, … Read more

Windows Recovery Disk : Rescue Old PCs with Ultimate Boot CD

Windows recovery disk ultimate boot cd

So this happened today. I have an old grandma time pc with me and I wished to convert it into a Network Attached Storage (or NAS). What to do, the boi isn’t good for anything else. So I hit that power button and saw the manufacturer screen pop up. And then I waited. And waited. … Read more

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