How To Easily Remove Unwanted Bloatwares From Your Windows 10 PC?

remove bloatware from windows 10

If you truly value your PC’s performance removing bloatwares should be one of the top tasks in your list. In this post, I will teach you how to remove nasty bloatwares from your system that cloud your PC resources and affect its performance and speed. And the most funny part is you won’t ever need … Read more

How To Use A USB Drive To Lock Your Computer?

how to turn your USB drive into a computer lock

This post is going to be a fun one and I can’t wait to share this incredible DIY with you. In this post, I will teach you how to turn your USB into an actual key that you can use to lock and unlock your PC/laptop for security against unauthorized access. This is going to … Read more

How Should I Upgrade My PC For Gaming And Productivity?

How Should I Upgrade My PC For Gaming And Productivity

These are the posts I enjoy writing the most. How and what should I upgrade in my PC to have maximum performance in gaming and productivity. Don’t get me wrong though. I have an unbiased love for technology. But there is something about technology that is modular and gives me the control to know and … Read more

10 Effective Ways To Free Up RAM On Your Windows Computer

free up ram on windows computer

A clean, fast and responsive computers are the need of the hour. Why you ask?. Because it seems we are all basically cyborgs now. 😛 One very essential aspect of us resides outside of our body, our phones and computers. Think about that, how we behave, what we like what we dislike are all nicely … Read more

Top 8 Creative Answers To What To Do With Old Hard Drives

what to do with old hard drives

If you are asking what to do with old hard drives of yours? You, my friend, are going to have 7 creative uses you can deploy your old hard drives for. Interestingly enough you will find there are more than one creative use for dead hard drives too. Technology is booming!. True that. Gadgets are … Read more

10 Youtube Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About !!

YouTube Hacks

Probably the best form of consumable content that we have right now is video. And the station that makes this form of content available at a grand scale is YouTube. These YouTube hacks are something that everyone who actively uses YouTube must be aware of. YouTube Hacks : Modifying URL’s These YouTube Hacks are as … Read more

10 Powerful cmd Commands Every Windows User Should Know !

cmd commands

The first thing you might be thinking is why in this rapidly evolving UI space am I teaching you about cmd commands all of a sudden. The question is just but touches a section of computers that cannot be ignored. In time Microsoft has made users evolve out of cmd command into a world of … Read more

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