Mixed Reality : What is it ? And the difference between VR, MR and AR


You know the other day while being lazy on my couch. Sorry, I am lying. I don’t have a couch. So being lazy on my mat I was wondering whether all of this world one big illusion. Microsoft’s headlines on mixed reality didn’t help. Mixed Reality Headlining Windows 10 Fall Creators Update First virtual reality, … Read more

LG-22MP68VQ Review : Best budget gaming monitor 2018 ?

lg-22mp68vq review

Do you know what we Indians are good at. Finding the best possible thing in the lowest possible price. So a budget gaming monitor comes around offering FreeSync, 75 Hz refresh rates, matte finish IPS screen in thin bezels. Hallelujah !! son. In this lg-22mp68vq review we are going to talk about is this pc … Read more

Introduction to Embedded Systems | Explained as if to a 6 year old


Want to know what are embedded systems ?. Are you sure ? ?. Well, thankfully you have come to the right place because embedded systems and related electronics are something we talk about here with absolute zeal. So lets dive right into what embedded systems actually are ?. Note that this post will only provide introduction to … Read more

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