How To Setup A Wi-Fi Router Without Computer?

how to setup a wi-fi router without computer

So how to setup a Wi-Fi router without computer? There is actually a story behind why I am writing a post. I frequently receive a lot of queries from my readers on topics about routers, modems, and networking. In in my daily assessment of different queries I receive, how to setup a Wi-Fi router without … Read more

Top 5 Best Web Browser Apps For Smart TV

best web browser apps for smart TV

Before we talk about the Top 5 web browser apps for smart TV let me bring you attention to something incredible. One wonder that we are experiencing in the technologically advanced world we are living in, is how seamlessly everything is getting integrated. Not long Apple boasted an airtight ecosystem where only Apple devices were … Read more

Does Sonos Work With HomePod? | Guide & FAQs

does sonos work with homepod

Sonos is known to produce audio units that provide quality sound, premium design and are easy to work with. Most of the speakers and audio units are packed with features and come in budget ranges that allow everyone to have their pick. Many models also feature native support for Alexa and Google Assistant as well, … Read more

Can HomePod Have Multiple Users? | HomePod User Control

can homepod have multiple users

Clean design, exceptional sound quality and the capacity to control smart gadgets in your smart home via voice commands are just few of the strong suits of Apple’s HomePod. And I have been receiving so many queries regarding HomePod from my readers regarding HomePod and its features. So, I figured while I am in this … Read more

Do Smart Plugs Need Wi-Fi? | Internet FREE Smart Plugs

do smart plugs need wifi can smart plugs work without internet

Internet and its applications have infused our lives like a virus for a lack of using a better term. And I am sure you are as aware of it as am, I am if not more. You name any field of activity and production and it’s there. Smart home devices as is the context of … Read more

Top 8 Ways To Boost Wifi Signal With And Without Antenna

Top 8 Ways To Boost Wifi Signal With And Without Antenna

Tell me. What happens when you find yourselves with some free time? You take out your mobile phone and start tinkering with it, don’t you? Well, I can’t blame you though. The world of internet and the offerings it is relaying are seemingly limitless. And nothing I am guessing throws you off more than seeing … Read more

10 Fantastic Gadgets For Your Home That Run On Solar Energy!

10 Fantastic Gadgets For Your Home That Run On Solar Energy

Smart homes featuring various smart gadget are all getting into rave now. I am gradually seeing people shifting their attention to not just smart gadgets but also to devices that are ecologically significant. The reasons why we may be seeing this shift are many. The exponential growth in technology? A growing care for the environment … Read more

Do Smart Home Devices Slow Down Wi-Fi?

do smart home devices slow down Wifi

The extent to which technology is penetrating our lives in this new world is fascinating. Seriously, just try and take in a moment and imagine your life without tech. I know there is a certain beauty about being away from all this but, the value addition in terms of productivity that tech has offered is … Read more

Best Tablets For OneNote And Other Note-Taking Applications

best tablets for onenote and note-taking

So are you a student or business professional who needs to take a lot of notes and web clippings on the go? If yes, then this exhaustive list for the best tablets for OneNote and similar note-taking apps is hand written for you. You will be surprised how effectively you can use technology to ease … Read more

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