Motherboard Components : Understanding the basis of PC boot issues

motherboard components

Motherboard components : The what’s what, where and Why ?. I want you to know just how important it is to understand motherboard and motherboard components especially so if you want to diagnose a PC. And there should be no qualms in understanding this because this is the seat device on which everything sits. Whatever … Read more

LG-22MP68VQ Review : Best budget gaming monitor 2018 ?

lg-22mp68vq review

Do you know what we Indians are good at. Finding the best possible thing in the lowest possible price. So a budget gaming monitor comes around offering FreeSync, 75 Hz refresh rates, matte finish IPS screen in thin bezels. Hallelujah !! son. In this lg-22mp68vq review we are going to talk about is this pc … Read more

PC monitor selection : One stop computer monitor buying guide


PC Monitor Comprehensive Selection Guide : Why This Guide ? PC monitor is one pc part that has always fascinated me. It all started when I was trying to edit a video on my Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop. There was a mirror in-front of me. Till now I was just using it to make sure … Read more

Comprehensive Kindle Paperwhite Review 2020 | Still Worth It ?


I have been using kindle for 2 and half years now. And this is probably that one device with which I had a very strange experience when I first saw and used it. In this comprehensive kindle paperwhite review, let me tell you first hand what this device actually is and how it feels like … Read more

Canon 200D Vs 750D Vs 800D | Downright Purchase Decision Guide 2021


Why this Canon 200D Vs 750D Vs 800D three-way guide is important ? Short answer, well because I value your time. And you won’t believe how confused internet can leave you on making a simple decsison as to which gadget to choose. Let alone the Canon 200D Vs 750D debate. Definitive answer, because information alone … Read more

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