Is Steam Deck Better than PS5? | Resolved!

is steam deck better than ps5

I won’t be wrong in saying we are living in the golden era of gaming. I won’t argue with people who will say that the period of NES, SNES, SEGA, etc. was the golden period of gaming. That is because just a couple of days back I started playing old-school games like Double Dragon, Kunio … Read more

PC turns ON, but NO Display or Power to Keyboard? – Do This!

pc turns on but no display or power to keyboard and mousea

This happened to me recently. I was cruising along doing my daily writing tasks on my beloved PC, and suddenly while I was working, the screen goes black. No prior intimation, no signs, no known previous issues, and plop, the screen just goes black on me. The interesting or rather mildly infuriating part was the … Read more

5 Best SSDs for Virtualization/Virtual Machines!

If I select one PC hardware unit to award the most disruptive innovation of the decade, it has to be an SSD. There was a time when the upgrade route was generally more RAM or a better CPU. But today, if you ask anyone how to make your PC faster and more responsive, the unanimous … Read more

Does lower TDP mean Less Heat?, 3 Factors that Dictate TDP!

does lower tdp mean less heat

When it comes to building a PC, it always starts with what you see on the screen. You want those realistic-looking graphics delivered to your monitor without lag, and you start your research process accordingly. And it makes sense, but it takes little time to realize the performance of your final build depends upon the … Read more

Do SSDs Consume Less Power than HDDs? | Data-Based Answer!

do ssds consume less power than hdds

Evaluating net power consumption is an important part of the PC building process. If you are a beginner PC builder, there is a chance you may not pay a lot of attention to it.  But as you gain experience and get well-versed with different performance metrics, you will realize the importance of power consumption and … Read more

Best Server Rack for Homelab | 4 Tips to Select the Right One!

Best server rack for home lab

One of the reasons why I picked electronics engineering over other options is that I have always liked experimenting. From childhood, I have enjoyed opening stuff and seeing what’s inside. That meant fruits, toys, pens, watches, gadgets, my mom’s makeup box; you name it. And most of the time, as you might have guessed, I … Read more

Is Gigabyte a Good Brand for Motherboards? | Purchasing Tips!

is gigabyte a good brand for motherboards

When you start researching PC components, Gigabyte is one of the top brands that pop up. And there is a good reason for that. Gigabyte has been in the PC hardware and peripherals game for a while now. Slowly and surely, gigabyte has penetrated the hardware space to include almost all pc components. The latest … Read more

What TV Technology is Best for Bright Rooms? | Top 5 TV Options!

Screens today have developed so much when it comes to viewing technology. I distinctly remember using one of my first laptops, a dell Inspiron i5 15R and I couldn’t see anything the moment some bright light fell on it. I was particularly annoyed during winter days when I wanted to work under the natural warm … Read more

Do Inverters have Surge Protection? | 2-types of Inverters to Avoid!

do inverters have surge protectors

Circuit protection has always interested me. When I started college, I thought electronics engineering was about building cool stuff like robots. And it is. But that’s not the whole picture. Engineering, or otherwise, is about making things with due consideration to limits. When building something, conditions are always involved, and there is no perfect system. … Read more

Do Lithium-Ion Batteries have Memory? | 5 Battery Life Tips!

do lithium ion batteries have memory

Take a moment and realize how essential batteries are. Most devices and gadgets that have become inseparable in your daily life would turn lifeless without batteries. If processor and storage form the brain of your devices, the battery is the heart that pumps energy through your device’s veins. Yet if you are not an engineer … Read more

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