Do Inverters have Surge Protection? | 2-types of Inverters to Avoid!

do inverters have surge protectors

Circuit protection has always interested me. When I started college, I thought electronics engineering was about building cool stuff like robots. And it is. But that’s not the whole picture. Engineering, or otherwise, is about making things with due consideration to limits. When building something, conditions are always involved, and there is no perfect system. … Read more

Do Lithium-Ion Batteries have Memory? | 5 Battery Life Tips!

do lithium ion batteries have memory

Take a moment and realize how essential batteries are. Most devices and gadgets that have become inseparable in your daily life would turn lifeless without batteries. If processor and storage form the brain of your devices, the battery is the heart that pumps energy through your device’s veins. Yet if you are not an engineer … Read more

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