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how long do pc parts last

How Long Do PC Parts Last? | Hardware Lifetime Compared!

So how long do PC parts last? There can be quite a few reasons why you would ask a question like how long does a PC last, how long will your...
do arduino sensors work with raspberry pi

Do Arduino Sensors Work With Raspberry Pi? | 3 Easy Interfacing Ways

When it comes to the world of practical electronics very rarely will you find someone who doesn't start their learning process with Arduino. In this article, let me cover some very...
do smart thermostats work without Wi-Fi

Do Smart Thermostats Work Without Wi-Fi? | 5 Troubleshooting Steps!

Human beings have these incredible need to control. I think it is this deep sense of wanting to be in control is spear heading the technological advancement we have been seeing...
how to convert monitor into smart tv

How To Convert Monitor Into Smart TV Using Fire TV Stick!

Before I teach you how to convert monitor into smart TV let me put into perspective the tech ecosystem, we are existing in. Just a few short years back, you needed that...
is ssd important for video editing

Is SSD Important For Video Editing?|Analysis With Benchmarks

I won't be exaggerating if I say that SSDs are probably the most impactful hardware introduction in the PC world. The reasoning is pretty simple. Have you heard the popular phrase; a chain...
how to use ssd for video editing

How To Use SSD For Video Editing? | Best Storage Setup For Editors

Not long ago, Solid state drives were considered to be the prized possessions that found their way into the hands of a select few. Well, it wasn't a surprise of course because...
uses of old routers

Top 12 Seriously Creative Uses For Old Routers | Don’t Throw It Off

Just today I got a new router for my home and was in the middle of installing it when I caught a glimpse of my old router staring at my face. I...
Microsoft surface neo

Microsoft Surface Neo Impressions : A New Chapter In The Fold !!

Microsoft Surface event has happened and it seems Microsoft Surface Neo is one of the most discussed topic of the event. And for all good measures and reasons. It's not just your typical portable...
Microsoft surface event

Microsoft Surface Event : First Impressions & Perception | Surprising Stuff

So techctober started with the Microsoft surface event that happens annually every year right about this time and it brought huge number of big surprising announcements. In its entirety the event announced...

TechTonics # 6 : Facebook Strikes, Huawei Mate 30 Launch, RPI 4 Emulator, PS-5...

Facebook Strikes It seems in the aftermath of Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has decided to take some massive action. Facebook is in the process of suspending and banning thousands of apps that Facebook...

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Install raspbian on SD card | Flashing OS images directly to...

So you have flesh and bones. And now you wish to infuse life within Raspberry Pi. You of-course do that by pumping an OS...

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