How To Control Speed Of A DC Motor Using Raspberry Pi And L293D?

how to control the speed of a DC motor using Raspberry Pi

The reason I love practical electronics so much is because of its modularity. You see at a little scale it really gives you an insight into how big structural mechanisms work. For example, as an engineer, I always wondered how do big mechanical systems like automobiles, airplanes, etc. are developed. It was later when I … Read more

How To Reduce Chrome Data Usage In Windows 10, Android & iOS?

reduce chrome data usage in windows 10, Android and iOS devices

Yielding to popular requests from my lovely readers, today let me teach you how to reduce chrome data usage in Windows 10. Google chrome is the most robust and effective internet browser that finds space in almost all PCs. But everyone who uses chrome realizes pretty soon that it isn’t something that operates without any … Read more

Send Sensor Data From Arduino To Raspberry Pi In 5 Easy Steps!

how to send sensor data from arduino to raspberry pi

So, how to go about sending sensor data from Arduino to Raspberry Pi? There are so many reasons why one would like to send sensor data from Arduino to Raspberry Pi. One application that I can think of is creating some kind of monitoring project or an Arduino-Raspberry Pi data logger, where you would want … Read more

Can Raspberry Pi Be Used As A General Purpose Computer?

can raspberry pi be used as a general purpose computer

Raspberry Pi since the time of its inception has attracted the attention of electronics and hardware enthusiasts alike. Whether you are looking to get your feet wet in practical electronics or wanting to create an automated server-based project, Raspberry Pi is your best bet. After the release of Raspberry Pi 4, the enhanced and updated … Read more

How Long Do PC Parts Last? | Hardware Lifetime Compared!

how long do pc parts last

So how long do PC parts last? There can be quite a few reasons why you would ask a question like how long does a PC last, how long will your laptop last etc. One very obvious reason is the fact that PC parts aren’t cheap. When you decide you need a PC, the planning … Read more

Do Arduino Sensors Work With Raspberry Pi? | 3 Easy Interfacing Ways

do arduino sensors work with raspberry pi

When it comes to the world of practical electronics very rarely will you find someone who doesn’t start their learning process with Arduino. In this article, let me cover some very frequently raised queries that arise when Arduino and Raspberry Pi are discussed together starting from do Arduino sensors work with Raspberry Pi. Now I … Read more

Do Smart Thermostats Work Without Wi-Fi? | 5 Troubleshooting Steps!

do smart thermostats work without Wi-Fi

Human beings have these incredible need to control. I think it is this deep sense of wanting to be in control is spear heading the technological advancement we have been seeing of late. Think about it creating and coding a device to work exactly like you want it to, and have that decision making capacity … Read more

How To Convert Monitor Into Smart TV Using Fire TV Stick!

how to convert monitor into smart tv

Before I teach you how to convert monitor into smart TV let me put into perspective the tech ecosystem, we are existing in. Just a few short years back, you needed that big heavy brick of a phone in order to talk to someone only a short distance away. Today you can video chat across … Read more

How To Setup A Wi-Fi Router Without Computer?

how to setup a wi-fi router without computer

So how to setup a Wi-Fi router without computer? There is actually a story behind why I am writing a post. I frequently receive a lot of queries from my readers on topics about routers, modems, and networking. In in my daily assessment of different queries I receive, how to setup a Wi-Fi router without … Read more

Does Sonos Work With HomePod? | Guide & FAQs

does sonos work with homepod

Sonos is known to produce audio units that provide quality sound, premium design and are easy to work with. Most of the speakers and audio units are packed with features and come in budget ranges that allow everyone to have their pick. Many models also feature native support for Alexa and Google Assistant as well, … Read more

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