How Long Do PC Parts Last? | Hardware Lifetime Compared!

how long do pc parts last

So how long do PC parts last? There can be quite a few reasons why you would ask a question like how long does a PC last, how long will your laptop last etc. One very obvious reason is the fact that PC parts aren’t cheap. When you decide you need a PC, the planning … Read more

Do Arduino Sensors Work With Raspberry Pi? | 3 Easy Interfacing Ways

do arduino sensors work with raspberry pi

When it comes to the world of practical electronics very rarely will you find someone who doesn’t start their learning process with Arduino. In this article, let me cover some very frequently raised queries that arise when Arduino and Raspberry Pi are discussed together starting from do Arduino sensors work with Raspberry Pi. Now I … Read more

How To Convert Monitor Into Smart TV Using Fire TV Stick!

how to convert monitor into smart tv

Before I teach you how to convert monitor into smart TV let me put into perspective the tech ecosystem, we are existing in. Just a few short years back, you needed that big heavy brick of a phone in order to talk to someone only a short distance away. Today you can video chat across … Read more

How To Setup A Wi-Fi Router Without Computer?

how to setup a wi-fi router without computer

So how to setup a Wi-Fi router without computer? There is actually a story behind why I am writing a post. I frequently receive a lot of queries from my readers on topics about routers, modems, and networking. In in my daily assessment of different queries I receive, how to setup a Wi-Fi router without … Read more

Is SSD Important For Video Editing?|Analysis With Benchmarks

is ssd important for video editing

I won’t be exaggerating if I say that SSDs are probably the most impactful hardware introduction in the PC world. The reasoning is pretty simple. Have you heard the popular phrase; a chain is as strong as the weakest link? This is phrase aptly applies to what SSDs have done since their incorporation in PC … Read more

How To Use SSD For Video Editing? | Best Storage Setup For Editors

how to use ssd for video editing

Not long ago, Solid state drives were considered to be the prized possessions that found their way into the hands of a select few. Well, it wasn’t a surprise of course because of the shear impact it created on issue that pc users hate the most, Lags. But time have changed now of course. The … Read more

Top 8 Ways To Boost Wifi Signal With And Without Antenna

Top 8 Ways To Boost Wifi Signal With And Without Antenna

Tell me. What happens when you find yourselves with some free time? You take out your mobile phone and start tinkering with it, don’t you? Well, I can’t blame you though. The world of internet and the offerings it is relaying are seemingly limitless. And nothing I am guessing throws you off more than seeing … Read more

Does SSD improve gaming performance? | Analysis & Benchmarks

does SSD improve gaming performance

Solid state drives are all the rave in the computer world now. And for all the good reasons. They have been seeing consistent drop in prices and the overall performance boost they give your computer is huge. Especially when you compare it with a rotating disc hard disk drive. In the last five years, if … Read more

Which Mechanical Keyboard Switches Are Best For Gaming?

which is the best mechanical switch for gaming-min

Gone are the days when the only thing that mattered to computer enthusiasts and gamers specifically was a functioning PC in a nice cabinet. Gaming is an experience now and every little thing matters. The mouse pad needs to be perfect, the PC must have just the right amount of RGB, the liquid cooling should … Read more

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