Easiest Way To Install OpenCV On Raspberry Pi | Step By Step Guide!

easiest way to install opencv on raspberry pi

I have been receiving so many queries from my readers to cover image-based applications of the raspberry pi. Well, bending to popular demand, I think you can safely consider this as a starting point of me covering more sophisticated image-based applications of Raspberry Pi. For the select few who are reading this post and don’t … Read more

How To Stream Video From Raspberry Pi To Your Phone?

stream video from raspberry pi to phone

Since its advent, raspberry pi has seen uses in a huge variety of applications. Its applications range from using raspberry pi to build a simple hobby project like turning LEDs on and off, creating an automated system, using it as a secondary PC to making your own cell phone. I have shared many Raspberry Pi … Read more

Can Raspberry Pi Be Used For Gaming? | Best Raspberry Pi For Gaming?

can raspberry pi be used for gaming

Since its inception, Raspberry Pi has been a point of interest for a wide domain of enthusiasts. Because here is the thing.  For years people have been working on computers that offered a closed ecosystem of running expert developed apps. Or on smartphones who cut down the freedom for custom operation even further. It was … Read more

How To Control Speed Of A DC Motor Using Raspberry Pi And L293D?

how to control the speed of a DC motor using Raspberry Pi

The reason I love practical electronics so much is because of its modularity. You see at a little scale it really gives you an insight into how big structural mechanisms work. For example, as an engineer, I always wondered how do big mechanical systems like automobiles, airplanes, etc. are developed. It was later when I … Read more

How Much Does Chrome Really Know About You?

what does chrome know about you | chrome privacy control and settings

Privacy is one area of interest in the new world we are living in that garners everyone’s interest. Yet, the magical thing is, no one really knows a lot about it. Over the years, I am sure you must have heard a lot of news about privacy leaks from various tech companies big and small. … Read more

Do Gaming Routers And Modem Make A Difference? | Are They Worth It?

do gaming routers make a difference | are gaming routers worth it

If after hearing the term gaming router you responded with, “What, they make gaming routers too?“, know that you aren’t the only one. The kind of growth pc hardware industry has seen is just incredible. I think I need to explain the term growth here a little bit. Computers from the time they have been … Read more

How To Reduce Chrome Data Usage In Windows 10, Android & iOS?

reduce chrome data usage in windows 10, Android and iOS devices

Yielding to popular requests from my lovely readers, today let me teach you how to reduce chrome data usage in Windows 10. Google chrome is the most robust and effective internet browser that finds space in almost all PCs. But everyone who uses chrome realizes pretty soon that it isn’t something that operates without any … Read more

Send Sensor Data From Arduino To Raspberry Pi In 5 Easy Steps!

how to send sensor data from arduino to raspberry pi

So, how to go about sending sensor data from Arduino to Raspberry Pi? There are so many reasons why one would like to send sensor data from Arduino to Raspberry Pi. One application that I can think of is creating some kind of monitoring project or an Arduino-Raspberry Pi data logger, where you would want … Read more

Can Raspberry Pi Be Used As A General Purpose Computer?

can raspberry pi be used as a general purpose computer

Raspberry Pi since the time of its inception has attracted the attention of electronics and hardware enthusiasts alike. Whether you are looking to get your feet wet in practical electronics or wanting to create an automated server-based project, Raspberry Pi is your best bet. After the release of Raspberry Pi 4, the enhanced and updated … Read more

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