Do You Need Both Router And Modem To Connect To The Internet?

do you need both router and modem

Internet is without any doubt the most revolutionary technology that has touched our lives. The impact of internet with its benefits and contributions are very rightly compared to the invention of paper and printing press. And more impactful than its invention is the multiple facets of applications that the internet has opened up.  Think about … Read more

How To Tell Which Chrome Tab Is Using Memory?

how to tell which chrome tab uses the maximum memory

Nobody likes a slow computer, right? With so much of our lives revolving around our computers we want our work machines to be snappy, fast and responsive. So, why do computers go slow? Well, there are a lot of reasons why a computer may slow down. Old hardware, malwares and virus sometimes, no breathing space … Read more

How Should I Upgrade My PC For Gaming And Productivity?

How Should I Upgrade My PC For Gaming And Productivity

These are the posts I enjoy writing the most. How and what should I upgrade in my PC to have maximum performance in gaming and productivity. Don’t get me wrong though. I have an unbiased love for technology. But there is something about technology that is modular and gives me the control to know and … Read more

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