Are Curved Monitors Good for Video Editing?

are curved monitors good for video editing

In the sea of monitors where the core parameters that rule the arena are panels, resolution, and size, a curved monitor was introduced to infuse an aspect of immersion. A curved monitor offers immersive visuals and the extra real estate that you get from an ultra-wide 21:9 display comes in really handy in productivity and … Read more

Top 10 Best PS5 Headsets for Glasses Wearers

best ps5 headset for glasses wearers

The news for the release of the 5th generation of play station brought with it a lot of promises. Rarely does it happen that a piece of tech delivers more than what it promises. Sony has done a great job at keeping all promises except for one, keeping the PS5 in stocks. So, much time … Read more

Top 10 Creative Uses For Old Gaming Laptops!

uses for old gaming laptops

Today let me show you 10 different uses for old gaming laptops that I am pretty sure will help you put that old-timer to good use. I have on many occasions here on Yantraas told you what to do with old pc parts. To be honest with you, I really enjoy writing these reuse, recycle, … Read more

Top 10 Raspberry Pi Projects Ideas Without Hardware For Beginners!

raspberry pi projects without hardware

I have already done so many applications of raspberry pi here on Yantraas. And the interesting part about all of these articles is that they are all dependent on external hardware. While having an external dependency on hardware was the demand of the topic under discussion. But you also need to be aware of the … Read more

Does Plex Server Need GPU? Importance of GPU and CPU In Plex

does plex server need gpu or cpu

Okay, so plex servers are a topic that I have been meaning to discuss for a while now. The reason being I want to focus on helping you guys get into NAS and similar server-based solutions and secondly, you guys won’t stop pestering me with your questions. Lol. I am just kidding. I enjoy and … Read more

Do Emulators Slow Down A Computer? | Emulators Vs Simulators

do emulators slow down a computer

I remember the time when you always found yourselves short of operating platforms. Either the platform was underdeveloped or the task at hand needed to be processed through multiple applications to complete it. Now, it’s the other way around. Any particular task can be completed by any number of applications which more or less have … Read more

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