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free up ram on windows computer

10 Effective Ways To Free Up RAM On Your Windows Computer

A clean, fast and responsive computers are the need of the hour. Why you ask?. Because it seems we are all basically cyborgs now. :P One very essential aspect of us resides outside of...
best gaming mouse in 2020

Best Gaming Mouse In 2020?: Most Apt Gaming Mice Picks For 2020

There are so many factors to consider if you are shopping for the best gaming mouse your money can get you. In loose terms, you are looking for a gaming mouse that...
best nas hard drives

The 7 Best NAS Hard Drives To Pick In 2020 | Ultimate Buyers Guide

Just today I was watching an ad while streaming sports that said when it comes to storage "Bigger Is Better". Now you know my inspiration to write this post on best...
what to do with old hard drives

Top 8 Creative Answers To What To Do With Old Hard Drives

If you are asking what to do with old hard drives of yours? You, my friend, are going to have 7 creative uses you can deploy your old hard drives for. Interestingly enough...
turn handwriting into font

How To Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font For Free? | Step-By-Step Guide!

So why should one want to turn his handwriting into a font? There are so many reasons behind it. First and foremost, why not. I mean the digital world now contains a sea of...

RX 5500 XT Review : It Has It’s Place Just Not Where You Want...

AMD has been power punching its way through 2019, good gracious. And they just dropped the Radeon RX 5500 XT in the mix. So let me also drop the RX 5500...
YouTube Hacks

10 Youtube Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About !!

Probably the best form of consumable content that we have right now is video. And the station that makes this form of content available at a grand scale is YouTube. These...
cmd commands

10 Powerful cmd Commands Every Windows User Should Know !

The first thing you might be thinking is why in this rapidly evolving UI space am I teaching you about cmd commands all of a sudden. The question is just but touches...

Best CPUs for Gaming: Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2019

Holidays are upon us and as such it seems many PC enthusiasts have there eyes wide open to select the best CPUs for their gaming hunger. I even got a lot of...
Microsoft surface neo

Microsoft Surface Neo Impressions : A New Chapter In The Fold !!

Microsoft Surface event has happened and it seems Microsoft Surface Neo is one of the most discussed topic of the event. And for all good measures and reasons. It's not just your typical portable...

Readers Choice

Android 10 : What Features Are Packed In The Latest Android...

So Android 10 is finally here. And it seems with the features and functionality that google is offering via Android 10 to mobile devices, it...

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