Top 6 Budget Airpods Alternatives: Best Cheap True Wireless Earbuds

The reason why one may want to look into budget AirPods alternatives despite their popularity is the price point.

While the AirPods do offer an unparalleled and seamless experience that Apple aspires for, that doesn’t necessarily mean there are no other options out there which won’t give you a similar experience.

In this post, let me quickly acquaint you with some budget Airpods alternatives, which will give you a similar experience without breaking your bank.

1.Samsung Galaxy Buds

Overall Best True Wireless Budget Airpods Alternatives

Galaxy Buds True Wireless Earbuds (Wireless Charging Case included), Black – US Version
  • Power up to power on get up to six hours of battery life with an additional seven hours from the case that doubles as a wireless charger
  • Premium sound tuned by AKG, an optimized driver offers substantial bass, while a volume driver gives you a wider range of sound
  • Just what you want to hear control how much surrounding noise you want with ambient aware. Quick ambient mode lets you hear traffic, flight annozments and coworkers calling out to you
  • Sounds good. Feels good. Galaxy buds come in three adjustable ear tip and wingtip sizes right from the box
  • Resists water with splash resistant technology, your galaxy buds handle splashes, sweat and spills

If you are a fan of Samsung and use a lot of their products I think you are going to love the Samsung Galaxy Buds.

For a price point of around $100 and an average Amazon rating of 4.5, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Samsung Galaxy Buds can be your true wireless budget Airpod alternatives.

So what do we mean when we say budget Airpods alternatives?

It means not only do we need high-quality earbuds but also something that can easily integrate with iOS devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds seamlessly integrate with both Android and iOS devices.

The Galaxy Buds are capable of providing 6-hour of battery life which you can conveniently extend to an additional 9 hours using its charging pod.

One very interesting feature offered by Samsung is the Galaxy Bud’s ambient aware mode.

When activated the outside noise and audio modulation happens in such a way that you are capable of discerning clearly what’s happening around you.

The earbuds are tuned by AKG with an optimized driver to offer substantial bass and a volume driver to provide a wider range of sound.

The voice calls are pretty clear and the automatic audio pause and resume feature when you remove the earbuds from your ears is pretty neat too.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds, therefore, tick all the necessary boxes to being budget Airpod alternatives.

2. Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

Best Budget Airpods Alternatives For Call Quality

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Wireless Earbuds, Diamond-Inspired Drivers, Bluetooth Earphones, 4 Mics, Noise Reduction, 28H Playtime, HearID, Bluetooth 5, Wireless Charging, for Calls, Home Office
  • Incredible Sound Loved by 20 Million+ People
  • Diamond-Inspired Sound: Inspired by the ultra-hard structure of diamonds, Liberty Air 2’s driver domes maintain their rigidity even when vibrating at high frequencies. Music is reproduced with a 15% larger frequency bandwidth for clear treble and 2× more bass.
  • Perfect for Home Offices: Each earbud is equipped with two microphones and cVc 8.0 noise reduction technology. Environmental noises are reduced by 60%, while 95% of your voice is retained so you sound louder and clearer on the other end.
  • Up to 28 Hours of Playtime*: A single charge gives you a full 7 hours of listening, while the charging case extends it to 28 hours of playtime. And when the case needs a power boost, simply set it down on a wireless charger.
  • HearID Technology: Take the test to create a custom set of EQ settings that are optimized for your ears. HearID maps your hearing sensitivity at multiple frequencies and intelligently analyzes the results to give you a truly personalized listening experience.

The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 are the perfect budget alternative to AirPods if high sound and call quality is your priority.

For earbuds under $100 Anker offers superior design and incredible listening experience.

The IPX5 rating and 7+ hours of battery performance ensure that you can take them out on a sprint or your workout session without worrying about the battery going out or your sweat damaging them.

While the Liberty Air 2 does not offer any active noise cancellation or sound transparency feature, at this price point the Liberty Air 2 provide more than what you would ask for in terms of robustness and audio quality.

The inherent noise-isolation design does a great job of sealing the ambient noise though and the overall look and comfort is dearly appreciated by its users.

The charging case has a nice matte finish, is capable of extending the playtime to 28 hours and can be charged by simply putting it down on a wireless charger.

So, if you are looking forAirPods alternative that provides comparable audio quality, robust performance and sleek design give Liberty Air 2 a chance.

3. TicPods Wireless Earbuds

GiveTicPods a chance if you are looking to get something that is aesthetically similar to AirPods.

In addition to being aesthetically similar, the TicPods also have these in-ear tips which technically makes them look closer to Airpods Pro than the original AirPods.

Some key features to look forward to:

  • Touch controls on the stem in conjugation with in-ear detection allow you to control audio playback on the go.
  • 18 hours of total playtime with 4 hours of a single charge and the charging case providing an extra 14 hours of battery life.
  • IPX5 rating so you don’t have to worry about water damage when you are in the rain or working out.
  • Easy access to voice control by two-second long press on the right earbud to activate voice assistant to take control of music, calls and notifications while you are on the move.

All these features in addition to the cool ergonomic design make the TicPods a worthy choice in the given price bracket.

4. – Best Noise Cancelling Airpods Alternatives Under $60

Given the price point, the have strangely good voice clarity, powerful bass and effective active noise cancellation.

Mpow has been fairly regular with updating its hardware.

And the latest iteration on has enhanced active noise cancellation, better volume controls, and improved design with the addition of soft ear caps that allow for the earbuds to comfortably sit on your ears for a longer duration.

The IPX7 rating, 7+ hours of battery life and a USB-C charging case add to an already good list of features with respect to the price at which they are available.

A few downsides that I have seen people complain about is latency while using them with video apps like YouTube and some inconvenience in getting used to with the touch controls.

So apart from these few downsides the does a lot of justice in terms of value provided to the end user at this price point.

Might I add can form really awesome gift for someone who already doesn’t have wireless earbuds.

5. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Earbuds

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Earbuds, True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0, Hi-Fi Sound, in-Ear Stereo Earphones for iPhone and for Android, with Portable Charging Case (Black)
  • 50 YEARS OF GREAT BRITISH AUDIO IN EVERY PAIR – Melomania 1 delivers stunning audio quality from Cambridge Audio with advanced technology for superior performance in lightweight ear buds.
  • UP TO 45 HOURS PLAYTIME - Up to 9 hours playback without recharging these Melomania ear buds. Case battery can fully recharge the earbuds 4 more times. 30 minutes to charge earbuds; 2 hours to charge the case via micro-USB (cable included).
  • ADVANCED CONNECTIVITY - Melomania 1 connects with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This true wireless headset has a superior connection with no drops in signal and a long reach with your device up to 90 feet. Supports A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP.
  • WIRELESS EAR BUDS FOR IPHONE, IPAD AND ANDROID – Easily pair with smartphones, tablets, or PCs. Voice Assistant Compatible with Siri (iOS) and Google Assistant (Android).
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE IN A COMPACT PACKAGE – Each ear bud weighs just 4.6g. Carrying charging case weighs 37g. Case dimensions (closed) 2.3-inches x 2.0-inches x 0.9-inches.

Cambridge Audio has been know to produce high-quality audio devices.

And for that reason, I decided to put in the Cambridge Audio Melomania earbuds into the mix of budget Airpods alternatives.

Some of the prominent features of Melomania 1 include,

  • Up to 9 hours of non-stop playtime on just a single charge and a fully charged case can give up to 4 recharges to the earbuds.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 coupled with Qualcomm QCC3026 chip renders superior connection with low latency and dropouts.
  • each earbud weighs roughly around 4.6gm and seamlessly integrates with Siri and Google Assistant.
  • The IPX5 rating ensures that the build is robust enough to handle your workout session and sudden rain showers.

All these features coupled with Cambridge Audio’s commitment to high-quality audio experience make Melomania 1 worthy choice in this price range.


Alright last but not the least let me conclude this list on budget Airpod alternatives with Aukey EP-21 True Wireless Earbuds.

The best part about these earbuds is, of course, the fact that they are available for less than $50.

But don’t let the low price point be the judge of how these earbuds may perform.

With an average rating of 4.5 on amazon, the earbuds are received pretty well by the end-users.

The design is sleek and stylish and closely resemble the new Airpods Pro.

In addition to that, the earbuds are feature-packed.

  • Bluetooth 5.0 allows for the earbuds to establish a stable, efficient, wireless connection with your handset.
  • The earbuds connect and reconnect seamlessly with your smartphones as soon as you take them out of their charging case.
  • The charging case provides 4 charges which extends the battery life to around 25 hours of playtime, with each charge lasting for about 5 hours.
  •  Audio quality is crisp and the MEMS microphone technology provides surprisingly clear conversations.

Don’t let the price point lead you to be overly sceptic about these earbuds.

Having an average user rating of 4.5 on amazon indicates that the earbuds surely do justice to what they provide in terms fo feature at this price tag.

So if you are on a budget and are not willing to spend more on other options that we discussed above.

The Aukey EP-21 True Wireless Earbuds sure are going to satisfy and surprise you.

Alright with that we are at the end of this list of the best budget Airpods alternatives that you can get your hands on right now.

If for some reason you are unwilling to go for AirPods or Airpods Pro, all of these options will serve you just as well.

They will emulate AirPods and are some of the best cheap AirPods alternatives that you can get your hands on today.

With that said, of course, these aren’t the only options out there.

Do you use any earbuds you think are worthy of being called true wireless budget Airpods alternative.

Let me know in the comments section below.

Take great care of yourselves and I will see you in the next one.










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