Is Thermostat Necessary in a Car? (3 Potential Consequences!)

is thermostat necessary in car

I don’t usually like bringing in personal experiences in posts, because I like keeping every article crisp, clear, and to the point. But I hope you will forgive me for sharing and getting a little personal in this article for the simple reason that the context screams for it. So, my first job was as … Read more

Is Thermostat Digital or Analog? (Differences Explained!)

is thermostat analog or digital sensor

First, let me tell you why this question is so important and relevant. Because when talking in terms of electronics the word thermostat can mean one thing and in terms of modern gadgets, the term may mean a completely different thing. In the light of that understanding, the question can be answered in two routes. … Read more

Is Thermostat a Sensor? (6 Temperature Sensor Types Explained)

is thermostat a sensor

When I first started with electronics creating a temperature sensor-based monitoring system was one of my first projects. When I took the project, it was like a wake-up call. I was so confident of whatever it is that has been taught to me in the class that I will be able to create the project … Read more

Is a Steam Deck better than a PC? | (9 Key Highlights)

Is a Steam Deck better than a PC

From times when we were in the awe of what a SNES, SEGA, PS was able to produce, we sure have come too far too quickly. The latest iteration into all that gaming jazz you keep hearing about is what Valve refers to as Steam Deck. So, what exactly is Steam Deck, how does it … Read more

Why Are Gaming Mice So Expensive? Best Budget Gaming Mice!

why are gaming mice so expensive

So, why are gaming mice so expensive? Before I answer that question, let me tell you why the question is so relevant. You see if you are keen enough to notice patterns you will see that whatever product has a gaming tag associated with it, demands a premium price. I have been talking about this … Read more

Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming? | Top Keyboards to Buy!

are membrane keyboards good for gaming

In one of my previous articles, I said I think monitors are like these magical windows that open up a whole new world for you. Well, if monitors are windows, keyboards and mice are your accessories with which you create, control, and access this world. I am glad that I chose to start the article … Read more

Should I Get A Gaming Chair or Ergonomic Chair?

should I get a gaming chair or ergonomic chair

Before I go ahead and talk about gaming chairs and whether one should get a gaming chair or ergonomic chair, let me talk about the importance of having a nice comfortable chair. Because for some weird reason we seem to overlook one of the most important aspects when it comes to using computers or gadgets … Read more

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