Is 4K TV good for PS5? | Top 6 4K/120Hz TVs for PS5

is 4k tv good for ps5, best 4K/120Hz TVs for PS5

Since the time of its inception, PS5 has screamed ‘Experience’. While there is criticism of everything and as it should, rarely do I find a gaming unit receiving accolades as PS5 did. Unfortunately, the lack of units in the market owing to GPU shortage has rendered people not being able to experience this fantastic gaming … Read more

Best 256GB SSDs for Laptop | Top 6 SSDs for Upgrading Laptop!

best 256 gb ssd for laptop upgrade

It’s not wrong to say, SSDs are the real OGs of the pc hardware world. I have never found anyone who was satisfied with how fast his or her PC is right now. You may build your PC with the best hardware available currently, in three months you will find yourself wishing you had ‘that’ … Read more

Are B550 Motherboards Worth It? | 5 Points to Consider Before Buying!

Are b550 motherboards worth it

Not very long ago, choosing the ‘right CPU’ wasn’t even a choice. Nobody asked what CPU are you using in your gaming PC or workstation. Nobody bothered. The answer was almost always Intel. It all changed when AMD decided to kick things up a notch and introduce Zen architecture-based Ryzen line of CPUs. Fast forward … Read more

Are Thermostats Battery Powered? | 5 Best Battery-less Thermostats

are thermostats battery powered

In the quest of converting your home into a smart one, it’s important to be thorough. Just yesterday, one of my readers messaged me saying how he wanted an Alexa-compatible thermostat, but the one he got didn’t have that. I wanted to address one similar topic through this brief article. I will dwell on the … Read more

Are Thermostats Interchangeable? | 2 Crucial Checkpoints!

are thermostats interchangeable or universal

One of the most important factors in making a living space comfortable is temperature control. Out of all the smart gadgets that I discuss on this blog, discussions on thermostats have been the most “heated” ones. And for good reasons. In this article let me address one of the most frequently popping questions in thermostat … Read more

Is Thermostat Necessary in a Car? (3 Potential Consequences!)

is thermostat necessary in car

I don’t usually like bringing in personal experiences in posts, because I like keeping every article crisp, clear, and to the point. But I hope you will forgive me for sharing and getting a little personal in this article for the simple reason that the context screams for it. So, my first job was as … Read more

Is Thermostat Digital or Analog? (Differences Explained!)

is thermostat analog or digital sensor

First, let me tell you why this question is so important and relevant. Because when talking in terms of electronics the word thermostat can mean one thing and in terms of modern gadgets, the term may mean a completely different thing. In the light of that understanding, the question can be answered in two routes. … Read more

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